Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time to Get Your Fan On!

I'm sure some of you were wondering if I'd fallen off the face of the Earth. Or gone for a visit to Alpha Four. Or something else nefarious. The rest of you remembered that I was at Phoenix Comicon, going 'round town with Awesome Agent, and at Arizona Dreamin'. So, I was busy.

So there's a LOT to catch up on! First off, a reminder that tomorrow's the last day to get entered for the Poster Frenzy contest. And, following on the theme, I'm tossing the swag I got at Arizona Dreamin' into the packs, so, they are loading up big time! It's, of course, for Hook Me Up! subscribers only, so if you haven't signed up yet, send an email to gini@ginikoch.com with "Hook Me Up!" in the subject line, and get your win on!

Now, for the big, BIG news. Thanks to the great efforts of Alien Collective Member in Very Good Standing, Marnie Belle, we have the official unveiling of the Official Gini Koch Fan Site! There's book chat, character info, a forum, and more! And it looks LURVERLY!

While you're looking at all the lovely, head on over to the Alien Collective Virtual HQ Forum, check it out, and get registered. Register NOW, btw, because there's a contest going on. To quote those running the site: We will be holding a contest for all forum members who register during the first week. All you have to do is becoming a member and create a profile. We will select a new member by using the random gods of org. What will the winner win you ask? A signed -- YES a signed -- copy of "Alien in the Family".

How can you resist? Head over and get registered today!

But wait, is there more? Of course there's more! Larissa's Bookish Life has the Bookish Haven Summer Vacation event going on, and today, Kitty and Martini share some vacation tips. Get entered also for a chance to win a signed book of your choice ("Touched by an Alien", "Alien Tango", or "Alien in the Family")!

Last but in no way least, this Friday, June 10th, 2-4pm ET (11-1pm PT), I'm the author guest of honor over at Twitter for #SciFiChat. I'll be discussing Female Action Heroes in Science Fiction. So, if you're on Twitter, please stop on by, using the #scifichat hashtag, and add in your 144 characters to the discussion!


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