Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Re-Release Day!

Happy Tuesday! Hope you're all having wonderful weeks. I have a full San Diego Comic-Con update for you as well as a cool SDCC goodies contest coming, but first I need to get Alien in Chief finished. And we all know that the bookie wookies take precedence, right? Of course right.

But, to tide you over, the re-release of the first installment in my Martian Alliance Chronicles series, The Royal Scam, is now available at all the usual e-retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble (should be live sometime today), and Smashwords.

Three Card Monte is re-releasing next month and, in September, installment three, A Bug's Life, will be available for the first time ever! So, get caught up with the crew of the Hummingbird and let's be readers out there!


ETA: Nook readers, apologies, but we have an issue with formatting for Nook. No biggie, but the formatter is out of town, so you're going to have to wait a few more days. Issue only affects Nook/Barnes and Noble, so everyone else, read on!

ETA2: Whee! It's up at Barnes and Noble! Nook readers, enjoy!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Some Exciting Announcements

Happy Tuesday! Well, I'm about to head off for San Diego Comic-Con but before I leave I have some cool stuff to share with all y'all. So let's leap right into it shall we? We shall!

First up, I have two signings in the Mysterious Galaxy Booth #1119, where I'll be signing Alien Separation and all the other bookie wookies, too. Check out their full schedule, which lists all the awesome authors who will be there throughout the con. BTW, if you can't make the con, they normally have all the authors sign stock, so you can still order from MG and get signed books, even if you can't be at the con itself.

If you are at the con, don't forget to come to my panel -- Science Fiction and Sex, on Friday, July 10th, 11:30-12:30, room 24ABC. Signing under the sails from 1-1:30pm.

Then, start saving your money. Why? Because Westercon 70 will be in Tempe, AZ over the July 4th weekend, 2017. Why do we care about something so far in the future? Because I'm going to be the Local Author Guest of Honor, that's why! And I want as many of the Alien Collective there with me to celebrate! The con coordinator, aka She Who Must Be Obeyed, is our own marvelous Dee Astell, so you know the event is going to be absolutely awesome. This is one you won't want to miss, and with this much lead time, there's no excuse TO miss! I'll be giving you details as we get them, but make your plans now to see the me in 2017!

Now for something a little less far in the future. Check out the new cover for the re-release of The Royal Scam, Martian Alliance Chronicles 1 over at my Premieres page. Then head over to Amazon or Smashwords to pre-order. (Yes, it'll be available at Barnes and Noble, too; their pre-ordering is wonky ergo, no pre-orders there.) It's releasing on Tuesday, July 21st, with the reissue of Three Card Monte coming in August, and the new third installment, A Bug's Life, coming in September.

Speaking of pre-orders, you can also preorder Sherlock Holmes - New Visions of the Great Detective now. This collection will feature my novella, "A Study In Starlets", which is the next adventure featuring my characters from "All the Single Ladies", my short story in the Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets anthology. The collection will also have the "next adventure" novellas from Jamie Wyman and Glen Mehn. Note: This is the print version. The ebook version of my novella, and the novellas from Jamie and Glen, will be available this year, all coming in the next few months. Here's the announcement from Abaddon Books in case you missed it.

That's it for today, and as I'm heading off to the Biggest Show on Earth. I'll be on a bit on Twitter and Facebook, but otherwise it'll be radio silence until I'm home mid-week. So enjoy your weeks, have fantastic weekends, I'll see those of you who are at SDCC, um, at SDCC, and let's be readers out there! Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Celebrating Everything

Don't faint but...I'm still here! What were the odds? I mean, I went to radio silence for most of June (three major deadlines, one of which is still outstanding is why), but I was always thinking of all of you. Cross my heart and hope to write 10,000 words a day.

While much has been going on like awesome SCOTUS decisions that have been a long time in coming (Reader, Gower, and all the A-Cs are still celebrating, and ACE is very proud of his penguins), I've been mostly head's down getting those deadline projects written before I leave for San Diego Comic-Con next week. BUT, since several Members of the Alien Collective have sent me notes inquiring as to whether I'm alive (so far, yes, and doing my best to stay that way), going to SDCC (absolutely), and if anything else is happening (of course it is), that I figured I'd better take a mo to catch all y'all up on all the things.

First off, my official schedule for San Diego Comic-Con is:
--7:00pm Wednesday/Preview Night, July 8th -- signing Alien Separation and all the other bookie wookies in the Mysterious Galaxy Booth #1119
--11:30am-12:30pm Friday, July 10th -- Science Fiction and Sex panel, Room 24ABC
--1:00-1:30pm Friday, July 10th -- Science Fiction and Sex signing Alien Separation and whatever else is there, under the sails
--12:00pm Saturday, July 11th -- signing Alien Separation and all the other bookie wookies in the Mysterious Galaxy Booth #1119

Beyond that, I'll be hanging out and hitting panels. Let me know if you'll be there so we can arrange to meet up! For all for whom this is a regular thing -- same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel for meetings.

I realize the last time you heard from me was the night of my signing at the Poisoned Pen. The signing was amazingly awesome and the bookstore was packed -- much love to all who came and to all those who watched live via the interwebs! For those who missed it, you can catch the recording on LiveStream.

Hitting movies this weekend? I realize these are kind of late, but in case you haven't seen them yet, check out my reviews for Spy and Inside Out over at Slice of SciFi. And if you have seen them, and have a differing or supporting critique, add your thoughts over at Slice!

Next up, OMG, it's finally really ready for pre-order! What, you ask? Why The X-Files: Trust No One, where you'll find my story "Sewers". It's coming out later this month, so get your pre-orders in today!

Speaking of things coming up, shortly I'll be announcing the pre-orders available for my reissues of The Royal Scam and Three Card Monte, the first two installments of my Martian Alliance Chronicles. And, the third installment, A Bug's Life, is also coming. All three will be out over the next few months, with more coming as time goes on.

 I have some new personal appearances scheduled for later this year as well. You can come see the me at:

October 16-18 -- Comic Media Expo, Mesa Convention Center; full schedule to come but I'll be there all three days.

November 15 -- Desert Rose RWA Free Writer's Workshop, Scottsdale Civic Center Library; full program runs from 9:30am-4:30pm, I'll be on from 11:30am-12:20pm presenting Keeping Romance Fresh & Alive in a Long Running Series.

Speaking of writers, check out all the blogs awesome author Sharon Skinner likes to read. And then, check out Kori David who's a good pal of mine and all around cool chick, who also has some awesome books.

And now for some science! And we have a LOT of science because so many cool things are going on out there in the multiverse! See how Mother Nature Network confirms things about black holes that Algar has already told us, check out I Love Nature to hear about what scientists have recorded planets saying, see what Business Insider has to say about an erupting black hole that likely signals that Algar's people are hot on his trail, The Spirit Science lets a well known physicist confirm all that we know about the multiverse, and Fusion shares that we might need to rally the troops to make Pluto an official planet again, but it's looking good. Hey, we've accomplished quite a lot recently so what's one more battle for good ol' Pluto?

For those wondering what to do that would make me and every other author delirious with joy, Inkygirl has some great suggestions. And, surprising no one in the Casa, Brain Decoder shares that creativity and crazy are probably closely linked. What WERE the odds? And finally, for those who don't understand my DAILY STRUGGLE, Playboy explains it all for you. In totally safe for work words and pictures, too.

Last but not least, on Father's Day, Duncan and Andrea Rittschof, two Members of the Alien Collective in Very Good Standing, had their car stolen. Yay that the police found earlier this week, but it's their only form of transportation, the expenses to repair may be quite high -- and they're still determining if it can be repaired or not -- and it's already over 100 every day here in Phoenix. Awesome editor and author Tim Marquitz started a GoFundMe campaign for them, so if you're able to, even just a little, please help out.

BTW, a belated Happy Canada Day to all Canadian Members of the Alien Collective! And an even more belated Happy Father's Day to all dads, uncles, brothers, grandfathers, stepdads, and anyone else doing the dad role. Hope that you were spoiled rotten and treated well and that this year everyone remembered that while ties are nice, someone else mowing the lawn is better.

That's it for today, but as always, more's on the way. So, for those in the States, everyone have a very safe and happy 4th of July holiday, and everyone else have a wonderful weekend wherever you are. Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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Monday, June 8, 2015

Reminder: See The Me

Happy Monday!

Just a quick reminder that you can see the me either in person or via LiveStream tonight for my End of Tour party for Alien Separation at The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, AZ at 7pm. The LiveStream of the event will start a little earlier so we can work out any bugs, so whether you're near or far, come hang out with me, talk the bookie wookies, eat cake, and win prizes!

See all y'all soon!


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Friday, June 5, 2015

Recap Roundup

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great last weekend and a wonderful week. I had a blast at Phoenix Comicon, and we'll get to that recap, along with other things, right now!

Phoenix Comicon was, without a doubt, made of awesome! I had a blast on my panels, the Food With Fans event, and the Evening Erotica event. And the exhibit hall was totally fun and jam packed with things to do and things to buy.

Of course, the highlight was getting to see so many Members of the Alien Collective in Very Good Standing both from near and afar (waves to Missy, Paul, and Linda who all came from states away to be with us).

I got to panel with some really awesome authors including -- M.L. Brennan who is a hoot AND a half, Yvonne Navarro, Stephen Blackmoore, Paul Cornell, Richard Kadrey, and Joe Nacisse. I ended up paneling with M.L. Brennan not once, not twice, but three times, and all three of them were tons of fun. She is hilarious!
Photo courtesy of J. Armentani

I got to enjoy the Steampunk Tea Room and ninety minutes in an oasis of relaxation and civilization with BFF Sharon Skinner and Viola Carr and her totes adorbs Aussie accent. Many thanks to Dee Astell and her team for putting on such a lovely event.

I was in the Author's Alley portion of the Artists Wing with new author Austin Aslan, David Lee Summers, Tom Leveen, Michael Stackpole, Weston Oches, James A. Owen, and Paul Cornell, Joe Nacisse and the Lovely Miss Yvonne Navarro again.

Bought some cool jewelry from Geekbella and some cool artwork from Kaiju Rising artist and total sweetie Robert Elrod. (Wanted to shop more but had no time to do so.) And I got to visit with the ever awesome Jonathan Maberry and talk X-Files and Out of Tune 2, and Jamie Wyman and talk about our Holmes novellas coming out this summer. (Jamie's is out in June/July, my "A Study in Starlets" will be out in August, and the third novella will be out in September.)

Food with Fans was at Province in the Westin and the restaurant really rallied when we called two hours before the dinner to share that we, ah, um, had more than double, closer to triple, the number of people that we'd given for our reservation. Food and service were wonderful, and we will definitely be back (and I can heartily recommend Province to anyone who might be coming into town, too).
Photo courtesy of J. Gaxiola

But what, WHAT, was the Evening Erotica event like, asks you? Three hours of raucous hilarity, says I. I recruited M.L. Brennan to join me and she was more than game. And this year we went to Mardi Gras (thanks to MotACiVGS Shawn Sumrall) and it was amazing. We had assistance from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the newest super-group, the Bead Boys.
"The Bead Boys", photo courtesy of M. Katano

Great audience and some excellent euphemisms were had this year, everyone went home with at least one prize, and to the man who wanted to shut us down when we were supposed to stop but let us run an hour over 'cause it was what the crowd demanded -- we're sorry, you're beautiful, and thanks, we won't run over again. Until next time.

I'd tell you more, but most of it's not repeatable in polite company. So make your plans to be with us next year!
Gini & 2 Bead Boys, photo courtesy of M. Katano
From a sales standpoint, it was pretty exciting, too, since I sold out of several titles including Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters, A Mother's Wisdom, and The Happy Acres Haunted Hotel for Active Seniors, and came dangerously close to selling out of Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets, Touched by an Alien, and Alien Separation.

As always, couldn't have done it without my fabulous all volunteer crew -- Joseph, Duncan, Andrea, Missy, Brad, Cathy, Edward, and Paul, and many thanks for food, drinks, and sundries to Anne, Janet, Jan, and many of the con staff (who I won't name 'cause they weren't sneaking food & drinks to everyone) (just the sexy people) who kept us going when the booth was hoppin'. And if I've forgotten anyone, blame Con Brain, 'cause I still haz it.

Did you miss seeing the me at Phoenix Comicon somehow? Missed me on book tour? Did not get your hands on a copy of Alien Separation while you were at the con? Well, fear not. Your last chance (for right now, anyway) is just around the corner. On Monday, June 8th, to be exact. Come see the me and get your hands on any and all of the bookie wookies, Alien Separation included (and Happy Acres, for those who wanted a copy after we'd sold out), at the Poisoned Pen from 7-8pm for the End of Tour Party. Which will, yes, include cake (and the cake will not be a lie) and prizes!

For those of you who can't attend in person, the event will be shown via LiveStream, and you'll be able to win prizes, too. Really, there's no excuse not to attend either in person or virtually!

Speaking of which, contest winners have been notified and checked in, for both the Alien Separation contest and the Unidentified Funny Objects 3 contest. But never fear if you didn't win (and never fear if you did), more contests will be on the way!

Amazingly enough, that's it for today. But as always, more's on the way. So enjoy the downward slide to the weekend and let's be readers out there. Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

One Last Thing Before I Go-Go

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and thanks again to all of those who served, serve, and continue to do so. Just a few things going on before I go once more to radio silence and head off to Phoenix Comicon.

Speaking of which, you can find my schedule on the Phoenix Comicon site, but here it is in all its glory, just in case you haven't looked yet (aka, you're lazy like moi).

Thursday 3:00pm - 4:00pm, Paranormal Romances, Room North 124
Thursday 4:30pm - 5:30pm, Paranormal Romance Signing with Gini Koch, M. L. Brennan, Room North 126b
Thursday 7:30pm - 8:30pm, Books and Authors' Kickoff - Featuring Arizona Authors (such as moi, Weston Oches, Yvonne Navarro, Michael Stackpole, David Lee Summers, and more!), Room North 124
Friday 8:00pm, Food With Fans (location still TBD, check in at Table 14133 before 7pm on Friday or pay attention to my Twitter and Facebook feeds for final destination -- you do NOT need to be attending the con in order to come to Food With Fans)
Saturday 3:30pm - 4:30pm, Steampunk Tea House Cafe of the Rising Sunset, Renaissance Hotel, Salon 5-8 PRIZES
Saturday 7:30pm - 10:00pm, Evening Erotica, Room North 125 PRIZES
Sunday 12:00pm - 1:00pm, Urban Fantasy, Room North 125

At any time when I'm not on panels or doing official signings, I'll be in the exhibit hall at Table 14133. Come see the me and also don't miss visiting the Amazing Wyked Writers at Tables 17115-17117-17119. There will be a big basket o' prizes at the AWW table, including goodies from moi, Erin Quinn, Terry Smith, David Lee Summers, Sharon Skinner, Hal Astell, Bruce C. Davis, and Alan Black!

Next up, check out what Readaholics Anonymous thought of Alien Separation. And, as a reminder, after Phoenix Comicon, my last official book tour stop will be the End Of Tour party at the Poisoned Pen on Monday, June 8th from 7:00-800pm. The event is also being shown concurrently via LiveStream so you can participate and have fun -- and get entered to win prizes -- whether you're there in person or virtually!

And now it's time for some winning! First off, head over to Under the Covers where they're giving away a fantastic book bundle that includes Universal Alien!

Then, check out the final cover for Unidentified Funny Objects 4 and check out the Table of Contents at editor Alex Shvartsman's page! It'll have the next Alien series short set in my steampunk universe, "Support Your Local Alien". And in honor of the ToC announcement, you're getting a chance to win a signed, personalized copy of Unidentified Funny Objects 3, which features my short, "Live at the Scene". Contest will run from today through Tuesday, June 2nd and is open internationally. So get entered to win and good luck to all!

That's it for today, but as always, more's on the way, though this is likely it until after Phoenix Comicon. So, I leave you with this article about one of my fave movies, Real Genius. See many of you at the con, all of you have wonderful weeks and fabulous weekends, and let's be readers out there. Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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Friday, May 22, 2015

Workin' for the Weekend

I'm ba-ack! From the first two thirds of book tour and for less than a week before Phoenix Comicon starts, but back I am. And boy, do we have a LOT that's been going on. So let's get right to it, shall we? We shall!

First up, book tour has been great so far. But I know many of you couldn't make it. So, here's a listing of ALL the places where you can currently find the bookie wookies all signed and waiting for you.

Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, CA where they will also ship to you anywhere in the world. I got to sign with new author Steve Pantazis, who also joined us for Food With Fans and who is a totally cool dude.

Barnes and Noble in Henderson, NV (567 North Stephanie, Henderson, NV 89014, 702-434-1533). All three Barnes and Noble bookstores in Henderson (Rainbow Promenade, 2191 N Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89108, 702-631-1775 and Crossroads Commons, 8915 W. Charleston, Las Vegas, NV 89117, 702-242-1987 ) will have signed copies of the Alien series, BTW. However, only this main one will have signed copies of all the other bookie wookies (including Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets, and read on for why that matters a lot) as well as signed books from awesome authors T.L. Smith, Alan Black, Sharon Skinner, Marsheila Rockwell, and Jeff Mariotte.

But those aren't all. My awesome Personal Assistant and moi stopped at a variety of Barnes and Noble bookstores along the way. So, in no particular order, you can also find the bookie wookies signed at:

Bookstar/Barnes and Noble Point Loma (Loma Theater, 3150 Rosecrans Place, San Diego, CA 92110, 619-225-0465). This bookstore is a converted movie theater and it is da BOMB in terms of both its staff and it's architectural design both inside and out. You HAVE to check it out if you're anywhere close to Point Loma, signed bookie wookies or no signed bookie wookies. This was, hands down, the coolest bookstore we saw on the trip. Tell the staff Gini sent you, BTW -- they were totes excited to have me drop by and are incredibly nice folks.

Barnes and Noble Hazard Center (7610 Hazard Center Dr Ste 315, San Diego, CA 92108, 619-220-0175).

Barnes and Noble Yuma (819 W 32nd St, Yuma, AZ 85364, 928-317-1466).

Barnes and Noble Oceanside (El Camino North Shopping Center, 2615 Vista Way, Oceanside, CA 92054, 760-529-0106 ). Say hi to Rachel if you go in there and ask her how she liked Touched by an Alien.

Barnes and Noble Irvine Spectrum (Irvine Spectrum Center, 728 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618, 949-585-0233).

Barnes and Noble at the Grove at Farmer's Market (189 The Grove Drive Suite K 30, Los Angeles, CA 90036, 323-525-0270). By far the most "Celebrity" of all the bookstores, but staffed with truly nice and competent folks. It was the largest bookstore we saw (three gigantic stories) and it still managed to be welcoming.

Barnes and Noble Canyon Country/Valencia (Creekside Place, 23630 Valencia Blvd., Santa Clarita, CA 91355, 661-254-6604).

Barnes and Noble Palm Desert (Westfield Shoppingtown Palm Desert, 72-840 Highway 111, Suite 425, Palm Desert, CA 92260, 760-346-0725). Best food at a Food With Fans event was at this mall, which looks underwhelming from the outside but is fantabulous on the inside. Bobby Mao's is utterly fantastic, and our waitress turned out to be a fan! (Waves to Juley.)

I'll be hitting stores in the Greater Phoenix Metro Area over the next few weeks, but if you're here, you know you need to see the me live, up close, and in person at Phoenix Comicon, May 28-31, Table 14133, and/or at The Poisoned Pen on Monday, June 8 at 7pm. Prizes and goodies will be provided at the Pen, and we'll be broadcasting the event live via LiveStream so this is the way all of you who aren't nearby can see the me and join in the fun and prize winning! BTW, you can register for the LiveStream event now, so that you get a reminder alert and such and don't miss it. Hey, I'm a giver, me.

For those who always come to the annual Phoenix Comicon Food With Fans event, that will be on Friday, May 29th (outside the con, no PCC badge needed), and the Evening Erotica event will be on Saturday, May 30th (con badge required). We will most likely be sending out FWF updates via Facebook and Twitter so follow moi (@GiniKoch), Joseph (@jag4a), and/or Team Gini (@RealTeamGini) for Twitter updates, and friend moi, Joseph Gaxiola, and/or Kelsey Rowe on Facebook to stay abreast of all the deets.

Took pics of moi or the bookie wookies during book tour or just whenever? Taking pics of moi or the bookie wookies at PCC or whenever? Send 'em to our Super Sightings Girl Kelsey (kelsey@ginikoch.com) so she can get the up onto Sightings in the Wild!

And now it's time for that big announcement I've been mentioning that you've all been waiting for. (You have, I promise, you have.) Check out what Abaddon Books has just announced -- that's right, more Holmes stories, including a new one from moi! Get ready for the Two Hundred and Twenty One Baker Streets B series! My novella, "A Study in Starlets", is coming later this year!

Speaking of announcements, check out one of the two awesome covers for the MECH: Age of Steel anthology coming soon to Kickstarter from Ragnarok Publications. This cover image could be for my story, "Jaegermeister", writing as J.C. Koch, though it isn't (my story gets a two page illustration spread, though!) and there will be tuckerizarions available and, trust me, you WANT to be in this story of mine (or in any of the others that will be available). So, keep the eyeballs peeled for when this Kickstarter will go live (later in the year) and start saving up now!

Not sure about getting in on a Kickstarter? See what SFF Audio thought of the audio version of Ragnarok's first book, Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters, which includes my short story, "With Bright Shining Faces", written as J.C. Koch.

Speaking of announcements, the Table of Contents is up for the Temporally Out of Order anthology! You can also click through from the TOC announcement to get to the Zombies Need Brains page, where you can still pre-order this puppy! This is the anthology that has "Alien Time Warp" in it, which takes place during Alien Separation. So you know you need it.

The DAW Books Review has all the new DAW releases for May listed -- gotta get 'em all! --and they also has a discussion about Alien Separation started as well. Have comments, theories, or just want to share what you think? Do it here!

Speaking of Alien Separation, we have a lot of reviews in. So, check out what, in no particular order, these reviewers all thought of it: Under the Covers, Just Talking Books, Feeling Fictional, Word of the Nerd, Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell, Books in Brogan, Literary Addicts Book Community, Musings and Ramblings, La Crimson Femme, Alternative Worlds II, and Gizmo's Reviews.

Books 'n' Kisses features the Alien series for its SINsational Saturday Series, About Entertainment lists Little Known Keeper Shelf Books which includes a certain series ;-D, and Fresh Fiction talks about Genre Blending, highlighting the Alien series as well.

On a very personal note, we lost two of the Members of the Alien Collective in Very Good Standing while I was on tour. Janet Rhudy lost her fight with ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease, and Robert Palsma's mother, Mary, lost her battle with leukemia due to a variety of complications. Please send good thoughts out to their families -- both were wonderful ladies and will be sorely missed.

Amazingly enough, that's all for today. And the past two and a half weeks. But, as always, more's on the way. You have a few hours to get entered for the contests going on -- one here at the Blah, Blah, Blah Blog (just look at the post below this one) and one for Hook Me Up! subscribers only. (Not on Hook Me Up! yet? Rectify fast by sending an email with "Hook Me Up!" in the subject line to gini@ginikoch.com.) Both contests end at midnight tonight. Winners will be announced next week. Prizes will go out after Phoenix Comicon, so sometime in June.

So, everyone have fantastic weekends and let's be readers out there. Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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