Monday, October 3, 2022

It's Time for Halloween Month's READ THIS! Selection and Lots More Treats!

Hey there, it's Halloween Month!

It's also the real start of fall around here, so it's getting a bit cooler and the leaves are changing and all that jazz. 

While I'm not a "decorate for spooky times on October 1st" person, I do love the fun that comes naturally in this month. And, speaking of fun, we have a great selection for this month's READ THIS! as well as lots more, so let's get to it, shall we? We shall!

Read Out Loud!

Do you have your copy of the Touched by an Alien audiobook yet? If not, don't wait! Grab yours today!


A Book Club by Moi for All Y'all

Welcome to READ THIS! A Book Club by Gini Koch. This is my chance to introduce you to some great authors that I love and know you will, too.

Every month I'll spotlight a book and, even better...every month I'll host a live discussion with the author, that all y'all can join! I know, it's too happy to be true, but true it is!

October 2022 READ THIS! Selection

The READ THIS! Selection for October 2022 is: 

NOIR, Featuring "I Am the Ink"
By Hal Bodner

Gini's Take: This is a very cool anthology with noir and noir-ish stories set in science fiction, horror, and fantasy settings. A must read, especially "I Am the Ink" which is just about a perfect noir story with a lot of depth.

About the Author: Hal Bodner is best known for writing hilarious paranormal featuring fluffy vampires with real bite. He writes paranormal romance and is working on a series of thrillers which paint classic noir with a lavender glaze, and the second in his fun and funny Whirlwind superhero novels released from Crossroads Press in 2021.

Reach him at
October 2022 READ THIS! Author Q&A
So, you've read the READ THIS! selection and you want to share what you thought with the author, hang out with them and Gini, and generally talk books for an hour. Well, guess what? You can!

The third Thursday of every month will be READ THIS! Author Q&A time. The event will be held utilizing Discord, and the invitation to Gini's READ THIS! room will come out in the week prior to the chat.

And that's not all! Near the end of each Q&A session, we'll be doing a raffle and one lucky winner will get a copy of the next month's READ THIS! selection! (You must be present in the Q&A to win. Physical book prizes will be U.S. only. Ebook prizes will be worldwide.)
October's READ THIS! author Q&A with author Hal Bodner
will be on
Thursday, October 20, 2022
from 9pm-10pm Eastern.

Access to Discord is available worldwide, and everyone is invited to attend!
November's READ THIS! Selection

And Remember: One Lucky Q&A Participant can win it early!

The READ THIS! Selection for November 2022 is: 

The Skewed Throne
The Throne of Amenkor #1
By Joshua Palmatier

Because I get asked this daily (often multiple times daily)...

Yes, Aliens Like Us IS coming, but...

No, Aliens Like Us still isn't ready for Prime Time, but...

I'm on Version 5 of the rewrite process. Does every book take me this long? No. Will all the others in the series take this long? Likely no. Life has tossed a lot at me and mine and that's made some things a struggle, but...

Kitty is always with me, and she's not going to let the bad things win, in any universe.

So...Watch this space for more updates as I have them. And keep those digits crossed for the hope that my shouting "the end!" comes sooner as opposed to later.

P.S. I am definitely heading towards the end game. I realize that's vague, but it means that I think we'll be shouting "hurrah" somewhere in the nearish term. Digits crossed, at any rate...

P.P.S. Watch this space, I'm hoping to share happy news soon.

More Yapping!
That's right, more yapping from me and other awesome authors over at ConTinual. The latest offerings are Building the Story and Scares, Things That Go Bump in the Night -- Monster Hunters, and Mythological Tropes in SF and Fantasy. Yes, it's a bag filled with Halloween treats! So head over and watch and have some fun along with the rest of us at ConTinual!

And don't miss these other cool panels I've run the yap on:
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There's a whole lot more over at the ConTinual YouTube page, so browse around and get your panel fixes in!
See The Me!

The Hermitage Is Over!

We're down to my last con appearance of the year coming at the start of November. Hope to see some of y'all there, it's gonna be a fun one!
Schedule still to come...

World Fantasy Con
New Orleans, LA
November 3-6, 2022
Looking for more things to read beyond the monthly READ THIS! suggestions while waiting for the lovely day Aliens Like Us is in your hot little hands? Look no further, because the Neverending TBR has some great ideas for all y'all (including, natch, the suggestion to re-read the Alien series)! So check out their must-read suggestions!
So many bookie wookies, so much time to catch up on all of them while waiting for Aliens Like Us and the next READ THIS! selection. Check out my Bookstore and Bibliography for all the things!
That's it for today but, never fear, another Update, including the Discord Q&A chat invitation, will be arriving in a couple of weeks!

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy, remember we're all in this together, be kind to one another, give love and support to all those who are on the front lines in any capacity, and let's be readers out there. Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!

Love, Gini

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