Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Conferences ROCK!

Just got back from the Society of Southwestern Author’s Wrangling with Writing conference. Had a BLAST. And, um, well, that’s why I haven’t updated until today.

Not only did I get to hang with my most fabulous agent, but she had me in front of a really smart, savvy editor from a big house, so I could pitch some of my other books…which said editor wants to see. Way cool.

Got to meet other agents, editors and authors and just be with those who ‘get it’, get what the writing life, and the writing business, is like.

But it IS a business, and conferences are part of that business. I’ve had a lot of fellow writers tell me they can’t afford to go to conferences. My response is that you can’t afford not to. Learning how to pitch in person, how to network, how to just relax and be part of the writing group, are all things that successful writers know how to do, and wannabe successful writers need to learn how to do.

In later blogs I’ll parcel out some of the learnings…and some interviews with agents along the way. I’d do it now, but hey! Gotta keep dangling the good stuff to keep the readers coming back for more, right?

Per the conference -- of course right!

Love, Gini

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Blogger WKEverhart said...

Thanks for the advice, Gini! I'm one of those "can't afford to go" types. Unfortunately, my rural lifestyle is great on the nerves but hard on the writer. It takes a considerable slice of travel and greenback to attend conferences. But you can bet I'm looking for one that's reasonably close at hand. BTW, good luck with that editor type. Fingers crossed.

October 2, 2008 at 7:40 PM  
Blogger Gini Koch said...

Truly, you want to save up for it. While there's nothing wrong with them, I'm not a fan of the "big conferences". I prefer the smaller, regional ones. You get more face and interaction time with published authors, editors and agents, and have a better opportunity to create friendships that might last a good long time.

There are a variety of regional conferences in your area -- do a Google or Yahoo search on "writers conferences" and you'll be surprised at what pops up. Do the research for which one sounds like it best covers what you write (if you don't write Children's, don't go to the conferences that focus on Children's, and so forth), and then save, save, save.

Attending conferences was the best financial investment I ever made in my writing career. Go for it, it's worth it!

-- Gini

October 2, 2008 at 9:40 PM  

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