Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome, Mr. New Year!

Happy first blog of 2011! Hope you all had a fun, happy, safe and healthy New Year's weekend. Now, it's back to business! And what's our business? The business of fun! At least, that's how I see it.

As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, a lot went on out in the Greater Blogosphere Area over the past few days, so let's get right to it!

First off, the urban/rural fantasy anthology, "Boondocks Fantasy", releases today from DAW Books. I have a short story in it under my Anita Ensal pen name, "Being Neighborly", and there are other great stories, too, by authors like Gene Wolfe, Timothy Zahn, Anton Strout, and more. It's available in mass market and ebook formats, so get your copy today! DAW Books Review has a full listing of all of today's DAW releases, as well as a teaser for some fun things to come. (Yes, said fun things include moi.)

On the exciting news front, The Salt Lake County Library System does a Reader's Choice award yearly, and "Touched by an Alien" has been nominated! Results announced in April, but it's definitely a thrill to be on the list! Confessions of a Book Habitue has the full listing of nominated books.

Speaking of lists, we've got some more Best Of 2010 for you. Check out what Thrifty Reader, Ex Libris, Books, According to Nicole, and Novel Reaction all loved for 2010.

This is also the time for Anticipations for 2011 lists. Check out what Mixed Book Bag and Nothing but Reading Challenges on Goodreads are looking forward to this year. And The Galaxy Express has a current listing of all 2011 SFR releases.

The Monthly Aspectarian has an interesting article on SFR, SF/F and other things, including "Touched by an Alien".

Then, the I Smell Sheep crew have some cool pics, including one of awesome author Amber Scott hangin' in Syndey, Australia in her stylin' Sheeped by an Alien t-shirt and holding this season's must have accessory, "Alien Tango". And speaking of pics, there are new ones up on Sightings in the Wild -- check 'em out and send in any of your own for the Book Walls!

Finally, for those keeping score at home, Catfest 2010 ended with a purr, not a caterwaul. The Interlopers have been accepted as Junior Members of the Killer Kitties League, and Mr. Fluffykins, after ruining one of my fave purses and showing me in some other ways that he never wants this kind of disruption again, has decided to forgive me. Dementia Kitty is her usual self and back on her feeding schedule. Lapcat and Squirrel are enjoying livin' large. And the Canine Death Squad have grudgingly accepted that they now have to wait TWO CATS LONGER to get their breakfast and have also settled down. So, all is calm and animal-laden in the casa. I think a breakfront of cat condos looks swell in the living room. The hubs is not so sure, but has learned when not to argue.

So, goodbye 2010 and Happy 2011 to all! Now, get on with your bad selves and let's be readers out there!


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Blogger Brandy said...

Glad Catfest 2010 ended with a lack of a blood bath. *g* Hoping for peace and harmony for you and ALL your furry family.
I finally had a chance to read Alien Tango and LOVED IT! (I was so into it I didn't even realize my blood sugar dropped while reading it! No worries there, btw.) I can't wait for Alien in the Family to be released in April!

January 5, 2011 at 3:30 AM  
Blogger Gini Koch said...

Thanks, Brandy! I'm so glad you enjoyed AT! And glad the blood sugar drop was not dire. :-D

January 5, 2011 at 1:30 PM  

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