Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Just Another Clucky Monday

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I had a great time at the Fall Writer's Workshop, running the yap and listening to the wonderful Amber Scott and Caris Roane, and it was great to see some of you there as well! It's a short (in the U.S.) but busy week, though, so enough of the past, let's get back to the future!

First up, Kitty, Martini, Christopher and Chuckie are all sharing secrets over at ALPHA Reader that you don't want to miss. Check it out, leave a comment, show some Alien Collective love. (Oh, and as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, you WILL have to read the interview to find out how my subject line actually makes sense.)

Then, head over to see what Bibliognome, one of the lucky ARC winners, has to say about "Alien Proliferation". Then check out the review of "Alien in the Family" from Book Spot Central.

Next up, Fictitious Musings has some great things in their mail. They'll also have a character interview tomorrow (and not with who you'd expect). In honor of this, they're re-running their reviews of "Touched by an Alien" and "Alien Tango", and you can also find their review of "Alien in the Family" as well. They also have quite the Gratitude Giveaway going strong, so if you haven't entered for that, do it now!

Speaking of awesome things to win, the Alien Collective Virtual HQ is offering not one, not two, but FIVE copies of "Alien Proliferation" in their latest contest. Check out the Alien Proliferation Extravaganza and get entered to win today! Swept Away Again also has a nice little listing of some cool things to win.

Speaking of winning and all that jazz, "Alien in the Family" is in the semifinals at the 2011 Goodreads Choice Awards for best science fiction. The competition is tough, so take a moment and vote for it again, please and thank you, so it has a chance to make it to the next round.

Speaking of "Alien in the Family" and voting and such, All Things Urban Fantasy is running a cover art contest for best cover of 2011. I've been alerted that some members of the Alien Collective have already nominated "Alien in the Family" to be in the running, so if anyone else feels like tossing their votes in as well, I'm sure Kitty and Company, not to mention the amazing Daniel Dos Santos, would be most appreciative.

Is that it? Not quite! Check out who Larissa's Bookish Life thinks are the best hero and heroines of 2011.

I know I owe you all a TusCon recap (and boy, do I have one!), but that'll have to wait for tomorrow. So, until then, be good and enjoy all the blog and website hopping!


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