Thursday, March 15, 2012

Festival Roundup

Well, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, I'm back from Tucson. Okay, okay, I was back on Monday. But, you know, things got busy. But, never fear, the Tucson Festival of Books Roundup is coming. But first, let's get to the latest news.

First up, head over to Fictitious Musings and see what they thought of Alien Proliferation. Then head to Book Talk with the Woodridge Public Library and check out which books they've enjoyed so far this year.

Check out the nice things Spacetrawler has to say about the series -- and check out the fun, funny, and cool comic strip while you're there. Then head over and see the interesting things awesome author June Kramin has to say over at Romance Lives Forever.

Now, for the TFOB Roundup! First off, much love and many thanks to all of the Alien Collective who came by to see me (and especially to Koren for the DELISH cookies and The Bookpushers for the awesome Festival Survival Kit!) at panels and at my signing at the Mysterious Galaxy booth. It was great seeing all of you, and I wish we'd had more time to hang out and visit.

But the Festival is always busy and jam-packed with things to do! Among the things I did was panel with some awesome authors -- Lorelie Brown, Karen Hawkins, Dennis McKiernan, Robin Hobb, Sam Sykes, and Maxwell Alexander Drake. (Some of you will recognize Drake from my first Comic-Con contest, as he provided several signed flyers and posters. And yes, he's still a cool, fun dude.) I also got to hang out with the ever-awesome Erin Quinn. So it was a fabulous event all the way around.

Next up for me is the Jambalaya Writers' Conference in Houma, LA, which is about an hour outside of New Orleans. It's not only a great chance to see me, but also see a lot of other awesome authors, like Heather Graham and Rick Bragg, and the cost is beyond reasonable. So, if you're in the area on March 31, be sure to come on by! I'll be the one in the pink sparkly cowgirl hat. You know, like always.

Everyone have a fabulous weekend and enjoy a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day weekend. I'll catch you on the flip side, and let's remember to be readers out there!


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