Friday, February 6, 2015

Super Team Gini Go!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a fantastic end of January, enjoyed Super Bowl parties (how about those commercials and dancing sharks, huh?), and that February's going great for one and all. As always, of course, there's a lot going on in Gini Land, so let's get to it, shall we? We shall!

Had a wonderful time at Mysterious Galaxy signing with the ever awesome Erin Quinn. For more pics, check out the photo gallery over at Demotix taken by Stephen Prendergast.

The San Diego State University Writer's Conference was awesome as well. In addition to getting to do a panel with The Awesome Editor and workshops with Marsheila Rockwell, I got to hang out with the wonderful Jonathan Maberry, which was excellent icing on an already delicious cake.

I have an announcement I'm dying to tell all y'all, but I can't do it just yet. But there's another announcement I CAN do right now, but that'll come a little bit later.

Before then, head over to Bull Spec and check out which anthologies The Exploding Spaceship thought were the best of 2014, which includes Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets, that has my short story, "All the Single Ladies" in it.

Then see what Night Owl Reviews thought of Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets, too.

After that, head over to Larissa's Bookish Life and see who she picked for her Top 5 Favorite Heroes from Books, Movies, and TV. Then see who she chose as her Top 5 Favorite Villains from Books, Movies, and TV, too. Also, Larissa's mom has been ill, so any good thoughts and such that the rest of the Alien Collective could send to her would be really great.

And, let us once again gaze upon the wonder that is the Alien Tango cover over at Fantasy Art Village, just because we can.

Speaking of announcements, The Night Beat was off the market other than in the Sensational Six boxed set. While the boxed set is still around for a very limited time, in honor of Night Music showing up soon, the second edition of The Night Beat is now available at all the usual suspects (Amazon, B&, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, Mysterious Galaxy, The Poisoned Pen, anywhere I am, and so on).

Next up, it's time for some science! Check out the hugely exciting Super Saturn over at Science Alert. Then go to IFL Science and read about an asteroid so big it has its own moon -- and they both flew past Earth. Lastly, head over to Truth Code and find out about the second Earth some scientists have found.

Hugo Nominations are open, and great author and wonderful editor Joshua Palmatier has some suggestions for nominations. If you're eligible to nominate, please remember that many of your favorite authors, like moi, have plenty of books and shorts we'd love to get recognition. And if you're nominating, let me encourage you to nominate Sheila Gilbert from DAW Books for Best Editor, Long Form. Because she is.

Now it's time for the announcement I can actually make right now. Team Gini is expanding! This is a great thing in that it's going to give me more writing time, meaning I will have more output (at least, that is the sincere hope) to keep all y'all in reading matter. So more of the team are taking Front Line Duties.

First off, Team Gini now has an official email address: TeamGini @ ginikoch .com. You can reach any and all the team using this email. Team Gini also has a Twitter account: TeamGini @RealTeamGini. Again, you can reach everyone via this Twitter handle. We're continuing to use the Facebook Fan Page, Gini Koch: Hairspray & Rock 'n' Roll (, as the main coordination area on Facebook.

Now, for the Team itself:
--Joseph Gaxiola, my Personal Assistant. Joseph's going to be taking over some of my social media (though all y'all will still be able to reach me any time of the day or night just like always, LOL), and all personal appearance on-site coordination should run through him (joseph @ ginikoch .com).
--Colette Chmiel, my Distance Assistant. Interview requests, guest post requests, and appearance requests should be sent to Colette (colette @ ginikoch .com), with a cc to Joseph (joseph @ ginikoch .com). Have a con or an event you'd love to have me at? Send Colette the information and she'll make the inquiries.
--Kelsey Rowe, aka The Sightings Girl. Yes! Sightings in the Wild is actually being updated on a regular basis now! So, any pics you've taken of me, with me, or of the bookie wookies or swag in the wild should be sent to Kelsey. If you include your name and location of the pic, she'll add that on, too, and get them up onto the site in a timely manner (kelsey @ ginikoch .com).
--Glenard Malcom, aka our Newest Techno Mage. Glen is handling all things website other than the Sightings updates, so if there's a problem you spot on the website, Glen's your mage (glenard @ ginikoch . com).
--Edward Pulley, aka the Poof Factory. All Poof (and other Depot) orders will still run through the website, but I just wanted to be sure Edward got his Poofy Making due. And yes, while we make no promises, we are considering some of the Specialty Poof Requests some of you have made.
--Lisa Dovichi remains the Head of Team Gini, and she still won't tell you what's coming in all the books, but she's also still really open to being bribed. Just sayin'... (lisa @ ginikoch .com).

Please welcome the new Team Gini members (via their own special emails, not mine, please and thank you, from them AND me, LOL) and enjoy fantastic reading weekends. Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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