Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday News, News, News

Happy Friday! I have some exciting news I've been dying to share with you since, um, yesterday afternoon. But, as is my wont, I'm going to make you wait for it. But only for a little while.

Why are we waiting? Well, in part because the Necropolis Blog Tour is still large and in charge. Head over to VVB Reads and check out the next excerpt while also getting entered to win a copy of The Night Beat. Contest ends Oct. 5.

Be sure to hit all the other stops on the Tour and enter to win a copy of The Night Beat at each stop. If you've missed a stop, get caught up at Invasion of the Blog Tour, including: Stop 5/Ex Libris, contest ends TODAY Sept. 21; Stop 6/Pearls Cast Before a McPig, contest ends Sept. 29; Stop 8/A Buckeye Girl Reads, contest ends Sept. 28; Stop 9/Hanging with Bells, contest ends Sept. 25; Stop 10/The Peasants Revolt, contest ends Sept. 27; Stop 11/Sara's Urban Fantasy Blog, contest ends Sept. 29; and Stop 12/Book Lovers Inc., contest ends Oct. 6.

Speaking of winning, the winners are announced over at boeklogboek so if you entered there, check it to see if you've won!

Next up, a reminder that Three Card Monte, the next installment of The Martian Alliance, will be released from Musa Publishing on Friday, October 5th. Yes, the crew of the Hummingbird is back, with more adventures and mayhem. And flies. And if you haven't read The Royal Scam, now's a good time to get caught up!

And, I'd be remiss if I didn't remind all y'all to pre-order Alien vs. Alien. Why? Because more and more, pre-orders matter. So, if you have authors or series that are "must reads" for you, pre-order them from your local bookstore or -- it'll help all those authors keep on writing and publishing books you love.

Speaking of keeping on, it's time for that news now. As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know...

*drum roll, please and thank you*

DAW Books just bought Book 9/Universal Alien and Book 10/Alien Separation for publication in May/December 2014! Yes, I'm very excited, especially because I have such fun things planned for Kitty & Company, I'm really glad I get to share them with all of you.

That's it for today. So, go forth into that great weekend, and let's be pre-ordering readers out there. Peace out my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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