Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday

Today's an interesting day. 12 years ago, it would have just been another day. Now, it's a day of remembrance. For me, it's also a day when I have about a dozen friends and family who are celebrating birthdays. So, while 9-11 is a sad day in many ways, it's also a day where we can remind ourselves that the human spirit goes on and a few bad people truly can't win over the rest of us. (And I get to go broke due to birthday gifts, but that's another story.)

Okay, I know, I'm not the girl you go to for deep, meaningful, and thoughtful. (Well, not intentionally.) So, let's all have a moment of silence for all of those we've lost over the years, on 9-11 and any other time, because loss is never easy, and then head back to where we all know I live -- on the corner of Funny Street and Yap Avenue.

The Necropolis Blog Tour is still going strong. Head over to Ex Libris where you not only get the next excerpt AND another chance to win The Night Beat -- contest ends Sept. 21 -- but you also get a new interview with moi.

Remember to hit the prior blog stops as well, where you can also get entered to win: Stop 1/Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell, contest ends Sept. 27; Stop 2/My 5 Monkeys, CONTEST EXTENDED TO Sept. 20; Stop 3/I Smell Sheep, contest ends Sept. 28; and Stop 4/boeklogboek, contest ends Sept. 20.

Upcoming In Person Appearances:
Saturday, October 6 -- Workshop (Writing from the Hindbrain) and Book Signing at The Well Red Coyote, Sedona, AZ 2-4pm
Tuesday, October 9 -- Workshop (Love ME: Promotion for Authors) and Can't We All Just Get Along: How to Work with Beta and Crit Groups) at The Queen Creek Writer's Group, Queen Creek Library, AZ, 5-8pm
Saturday, October 13 -- Book Sales and Signing, Centennial Authors and Artists Weekend, Hotel Gadsden, Douglas, AZ, 10am-4pm

That's it for today, but never fear, more's coming. So, get entered to win all over the blogosphere while simultaneously getting to read the first 10 chapters of The Night Beat. In other words, let's be readers out there!


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