Friday, November 4, 2016

Tucson Comic Con is HERE!

Happy Friday, the weekend is upon us!

TCC go-ers (and those still looking for a weekend activity) you'll find your author-shaped friend Gini in the Exhibit Hall meeting the folks, passing out the hugs, and selling the books of the Giniverse. Stop by, pick up some titles, get a signature or two. 

You can find Gini in Author's Alley at A-12

   Saturday, November 5th

4:00 pm: How to Get Your Story Idea Onto the Page
Where: Mojave Room & Maricopa Room (Celebrate)

with: Bruce Davis (Moderator), Tom Leveen, Joe Nassise, and James A. Owen

Color me doing my part to keep you in the know.

- Ro

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