Monday, August 22, 2016

Update To Begin All The Updates...

Howdy all, Ro here... new member from the land of Team Gini.

My mission (which I accepted prior to getting the "to do" list) is to try and catch up the Giniverse news so someone *ahem* can keep her butt-in-seat and focus on all that writing we do so love reading. Have no fear, The Gini is alive and sassy just like we like her. 

So without further ado, let's commence the updating...

Coming soon to (another) a Kickstarter campaign near you

"Submerged" by Justin Adams, Varia Studios
Zombies Need Brains launches the mother of all campaigns for THREE new sci-fi/fantasy anthologies on August 31st! Each anthology's set to feature 14 new stories from some of our favorite sci-fi/fantasy authors. That's right,  no reprints, no re-releases, all new stories for you to peruse.  

The picture featured to the right is the cover art for Submerged. The artwork for all three campaigns, including this piece, comes courtesy of Justin Adams of Varia Studios.

Gini's contributing stories to two of the anthologies: All Hail Our Robot Conquerors and Submerged. Just to keep everyone on their toes. Team Tuckerization, start your engines, and anyone else who wants to be in a story of hers (the Submerged story will be horror, the Robot story will be an Alien series short) get ready.  Check out the campaign page for further info. They're planning a serious mix of prize goodness, including ebooks from Gini, at various backer times and levels. Be an early know you want to. 

New way to keep in the loop on the Alien/Katherine "Kitty" Katt series news AND MORE

Gini's publisher for the Alien/Katherine "Kitty" Katt series, DAW, launched a new newsletter.

 The DAW newsletter features: new releases, e-book and back-list promotions, giveaways, especially exciting media hits DAWthors have in the preceding month, and other most excellent news. 

To take advantage of this direct from the publisher way to add to your Giniverse news stream, SIGN UP, then watch your inbox!  

Swag from the Giniverse

If you haven't had a chance to swing by Museum of Robots  and check out the collection of items available from the multi-verse of Gini you're totally missing out!  

You know you need a Poof tote. ...just look at it. 

I won't lie, I waved the Poof in many a person's face at SDCC this year. It's not my fault Mous-Mous felt feisty. I just facilitated the attitude. I mean, who am I to deny a Fluff Baby?


Interviews around the Interwebs

As you're aware, Gini's been out and about this summer. All that go-go-go equals plenty of interviews to be found online.

In May: 

In betwixt holding court and signing all the things, Gini took a timeout during the Mysterious Galaxy birthday bash to sit down with geekitude to chat about the goings on in the Giniverse.

Gini also spent some time with Creative Play and Podcast chatting about "her writing trials and tribulations," her book, Plush Life, and the Kickstartered anthology MECH: Age of Steel.

If you've not had a chance to meet the Gini in the wild (or even if you have), here's the video of her full talk during the signing for Camp Alien at The Poisoned Pen on May 23rd:

and then comes...July: 

If you ever had a question you wanted to ask Gini but didn't feel you could (although, let's face it you can always ask...and you know she always answers) check out a her interview Q and A from Writerly Things. Mayhap author Tristan Vick already asked it for you. 

And to give you a wee taste of the goings-on from SDCC 2016, watch the video from the Worldbuilding panel wherein Gini and her fellow authors: Jon Skovron, Claudia Christian, Seanan McGuire, Brandon Mull, and Scott Sigler, with moderator Cindy Pon, discuss how they build a living, breathing environment for their characters.

Early August feature: 

Since the Giniverse transcends borders (and time...) check out this interview with Zwartraafje. (Yes, it's in Dutch, but don't worry -- there's an English translation included. Just scroll down...all the way down...and it'll be there.) The interview celebrates all things Gini and, who knows, you may learn something you'd yet to discover.  Gini guarantees that you will, since there were some very new questions asked.

I know, you're wondering if any movie-going or TV watching went on in the time of silence; this is Gini, so OF COURSE movies happened. If you missed any reviews head on over to  Slice of SciFi and Pop Culture Geeks check out what she thought of: 
And now a few for moments in SCIENCE: 

This week at NASA we reexamine when a supernova actually happened in our galaxy. Give it a read and see why their findings stripped away the exploded planet's connection to an event previously recorded by the Chinese, thereby kicking it from the annuls of history. 

For those of you following all things Planet Nine (I still say we're up to planet ten because number nine is Pluto now and forever-My Very Educated Mother Just Served U Nine Pickles!- yes, I hold a grudge against Pluto Killers dangit), I hope you caught the Science Alert piece on what Physicists think Planet Nine really is back in June. 

I'd hate for you to be tired of me all in one go so I think that's it for now. Have no fear there's more to come ( I didn't even get to the part where I clue you in to the things coming [back] to the Giniverse (there's this Instagram account just SITTING there...) or all the latest places you can find reviews and commentary on the works of Gini around the webisphere or who she wants to shout out and support. 

Leave me a comment below, let me know what you'd like to be kept up-to-date about or things you'd like to see added to the news blasts.

So stay tuned, more to come, and I'll catch you on the flip side (I do hereby solemnly swear I used this phrase before ever meeting Gini, talking to Gini or reading her blog...blame Rocco from Boondock Saints).


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