Saturday, March 6, 2010

You Asked For It

And I'm delivering!

As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, I've gotten a lot of questions coming to my email, and it dawned on me (slowly) that if one person's asking, others may want to know; and if lots of people are asking, then likely even more want to know. Possibly everybody wants to know. Even me.

So, in the attempt to be fully transparent, or whatever the current 'in' phrase is, I'm adding "Ask Gini" to my Extra Me! page. I have the first set of Q & A's up, and will be adding more as questions come in.

Don't be shy. If you have a question for me you haven't asked yet, feel free to go for it. (You know, like everyone else has; at least, so it seems.) Just send me an e-mail ( with your question/s, and I'll post the question and answer as soon as I can.

Thanks for being a curious bunch, and feel free to keep the queries coming.


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