Friday, September 2, 2011

Coppery Friday

Are you ready for the weekend? I am! I'm heading off to CopperCon 31 in a few hours, but, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, before I go, wanted to share the latest with all of you.

First up, head over to Fictitious Musings and see what they have to say about "Alien in the Family".

Then, hit the Alien Collective Virtual HQ, where they have the world premiere of the cover of "The Royal Scam", my upcoming release from Musa Publishing. There's also a discussion thread in the Forum.

All the winners have checked in for the Comic-Con Swag Packs, but never fear. I'm going to a con this weekend, remember? So you KNOW that means another contest is on the near horizon. Plus, I have that nifty first-in-a-new-series release coming and I'm sure I'll have to have a contest in its honor.

Trying to pick one con to go to? Wondering if there's one that'd be worth the time and money? Hit this year's TusCon 38, Nov. 11-13 -- you'll get me AND Patricia Briggs, plus a host of other awesome authors. You can't go wrong with this one!
If you're an author and looking for a good writer's conference, come to the 2012 Desert Dreams Writer's Conference, April 27-29. Tons of published authors, agents, and editors will teach, review, take pitches, and more. The networking alone is worth it, and you'll get a ton out of this weekend, no matter what writing level you're at.

Once again, enjoy your weekend, and those Alien Collective Members in Very Good Standing in the U.S., enjoy your long weekend! I'll catch you on the flip side, so peace out, my li'l gangstas!


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