Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend Update & Yapping Roundup

Happy Weekend! I know you don't usually hear from me on the weekends, because I'm always doing exotic things like writing like a fiend and/or running the yap in person, but, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, there's so much going on that I had to sort of slip this one in.

First off, I'm now the Resident Guest Blogger over at The Night Bazaar, which is for Night Shade Books authors with releases coming out in 2012. My first blog for the Bazaar is live on the site, so please go have a read and feel free to leave a comment, too. Nothing to win other than my undying gratitude, but hey, isn't that enough?

No? Then a reminder that now through April 19th, Night Shade Books is having a 50% off sale on all their books, both in stock and forthcoming, with a 4 book minimum order. That's a deal you don't want to miss out on, especially since you can pre-order Alexander Outland: Space Pirate by G.J. Koch (aka moi) for 50% off. It's such a great deal, you should buy two copies, right? Of course right!

Coming Monday, there's a huge Release Party Event for Alien Diplomacy over at Bitten By Books . RSVP now for the event, which includes an amazing 10 Book Pack giveaway from Penguin Books, plus books from my backlist for 2 additional winners. You have to RSVP for the event in order to be entered to win the prizes, so don't miss out!

Now, onto the roundups I've been promising for weeks and days.

First up, Jambalaya Writers' Conference. Located in lovely Houma, LA in Terrebonne Parish, this is a conference focused on teaching aspiring authors the various tricks of the trade. I could go on and on about how lovely all the folks were, what an awesome location they have (the Terrobonne Public Library), and how great the students were. And I could wax even more rhapsodic about the food. But what shocked me the most was how inexpensive this writer's conference was. I'm used to entry costs of $250 per person, minimum. This one? $35.00 Yeah, you read that right. So, next year, if you're in the vicinity of Louisiana at the end of March/start of April, don't miss out on this great conference, a deal at twice or even three times the price.

But a conference is only as great as its presenters, right? Well, in addition to moi, there were a ton of amazing authors and industry professionals there. In addition to Rick Bragg, Heather Graham, Debra Holland, Eileen Dreyer, and MANY more, children's book authors Robert San Souci he of "Mulan" fame (and the nicest man on the planet) and Dianne de Las Casas were also there. Dianne's a hoot and a half, btw, so if you get a chance to see her in person, don't miss it. I got to hang out with these folks, and all I can say is "wow". Great authors, awesome people. For those of you with kids, I can't recommend Robert's and Dianne's books enough.

Next up, LepreCon. This is an annual fan convention in Tempe, AZ, so topics range from writing how-to to discussions of the pros and cons of book to TV/movie adaptations and everything in between. Local cons are great fun, and a wonderful way to get up close and personal with authors, actors, fans, and readers.

I was on a ton of panels with some really cool and interesting folks, including the guest of honor, SF/F Grand Master Joe Haldeman and comic book legend Bryan Augustyn. I got to hang with a variety of cool Alien Collective Members in Very Good Standing (waves madly to Janeen, Penni, Terry, Raul, Hal, Dee, Chris, and Alisa) which of course made the whole experience even better.

I also paneled with, in no particular order of awesomeness: Janeen O'Kerry, Bruce Davis, Emily Devenport, Saul Garnell, Rick Novy, Ernest Hogan, Chris Swanson, Susan Lindsey, Jack Mangan, and Don Wiest. I know, that's a lot, but there were probably more. It was a busy con, so I'm sure I've forgotten some things and people (and beg their forgiveness for the oversight, of course).

I also got to visit with my beloved Winston, aka Weston Ochse and one of my all-time favorite artists, Gilead, and his lovely wife, who've been mentoring me in cons since my very first one.

So, much fun was had by all, but it's also nice to be home. For a week or two. Before the next event which is Desert Dreams Writers' Conference in Scottsdale, AZ at the end of this month.

That's it for this Weekend Update. Enjoy the links, RSVP to win, and have a great, restful rest of the weekend! And let's remember to be readers out there!


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