Monday, October 15, 2012

Haunted Monday

Happy Monday! This is coming out a little late, but that's because I'm still recovering from my weekend of BEING HAUNTED -- for reals -- at the Hotel Gadsden in Douglas, AZ. The Authors and Artists Centennial event was great, and I'll be filling you all in later this week on Gini Gets a Ghost Story, but there's a lot going on today, so let's belay my scary weekend and get right to it.

First up, as promised, yes indeed, the Alien vs. Alien ARC Contest will be starting later today. As always, it's for Hook Me Up! only. Not on Hook Me Up! yet? Rectify now! Send an email to with "Hook Me Up!" in the subject line, and you'll be in with the in crowd and able to get in on the winning!

Next up, just got confirmation that I'll be at the Mysterious Galaxy Holiday Party in San Diego on December 1, 2012. And that means, if you come to see the me, you can get Alien vs. Alien 4 days before it officially releases. I know! It's too happy to be true! But it is, so see you there!

Now, let's check out some reviews. See what Pearls Cast Before a McPig and Mixed Book Bag thought of Three Card Monte. Then see what At Random thought of Touched by an Alien. Then see which authors or series make Larissa's Bookish Life forget about or ignore her TBR pile.

That's it for today. Well, you know, other than the Alien vs. Alien ARC Contest. Starting...soon, very, very soon...


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