Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hump Day Yapping

Happy Hump Day! Hope everyone had a fantastic Oscars weekend and that all your weeks are going well. (And yes, I'm firmly on the side of Team Gaga and always knew she had an amazing voice.) We have lots going on, so let's get to it, shall we? We shall!

First up, the yap is large and in charge over at Feed Your Head and also at the San Diego Examiner. Some new questions were asked of moi by author Henry Hertz, so check it out!

After that, check out what Bitten By Books had to say about Universal Alien.

Speaking of checking things out, have you gazed upon the beauty that is the cover for Alien Separation yet? If not, you can gaze here and also at the Premieres page, where you also get some hint about what's coming in Book 11 for Kitty and Company. And, please remember that pre-orders are vital these days, and do your girl a solid and pre-order Alien Separation TODAY either online or from your favorite bookstore!

Then head over to The Galaxy Express and see what they're recommending if you liked any or all parts of Jupiter Ascending.

Next, see what awesome author Alan Black thought of Touched by an Alien. And speaking of Alan, he and I and three other awesome authors will be signing at The Book Vault in Mesa, AZ on March 28. Want to be a well-read signing attendee or just know who you're not able to see in person? In addition to checking out Alan's books at his site, also visit the amazing and wonderful Anna Questerly, Kris Tualla, and Deena Remiel.

And now for some science. Per Science News there's a giant hydrogen cloud headed for the Milky Way. But don't worry that Sandy and the Superconsciousness Seven are going to be an issue -- estimated time of arrival is a long time (30 million years) away.

In Hollywood news, and because I love me the good visuals, check out the first look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman over at the Nerd Repository where it's even bigger than here at the Blog. I still think Momoa looks far more like Namor than Aquaman, but he definitely looks totally badass. I may not be looking all that forward to Justice League, but I'm definitely looking forward to all the stills of Momoa, Cavill, and Affleck.

That's it for today, but as always, more's on the way. So, enjoy the downward slide towards the weekend, and let's be pre-ordering readers out there!


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