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It's A Bird, It's a Plane...No, It's A Blog, Finally!

Hey there, long time no hear from me! 

I know, I know...what were the odds that it would only take me 8 months to do an update? (I know that, too -- the odds were ever in favor of that.) 

But an update is (finally) here, and there's a lot to it (including a link to a brand new humor short, so keep the eyeballs peeled for that). So let's get to it, shall we?

First up, the big question, issue, and concern -- why has Aliens Like Us disappeared from everyone's preorders?

Well, as many of you know and as most of you may have guessed by the lack of my actually managing to keep in regular touch, the last 2-3 years have been one thing after another for my family, and the move across the country was merely one in a long line of "things" that caused stress, and I was getting later and later with everything and buckling under the pressure. Plus, I'd written a lot of words that my editor and I both felt weren't good enough.

So, the bookie wookie has been pulled from the schedule so that I can make it the awesome book I see in my head and have described to my editor.

What does this mean? Aliens Like Us is still coming (as are Books 18, 19, & 20), but I have to rewrite it first, so I can't tell you WHEN it's coming. But it WILL be back on the schedule and all the book it's meant to be. And the moment I know you guys will know, too.
BTW...these days, pre-orders matter more and more, and I want to thank EVERYONE who pre-ordered only to get weird "coming in the year 3000" and similar notices. Please do your girl a solid and pre-order Aliens Like Us when it's once again scheduled -- and anything else from me and your other favorite authors -- from your favorite bookstore or online retailer. Kitty & Company will appreciate it, and so will I.
So, what have I been doing to fill the hours in between rewrites? Lots of things, really. So read on and read all about them!

As always, I have so many things going on at TG Geeks! So, check out all my various yaps, and then all the rest of the coolness over there! Because, you name it, we ALL talk about it!

And remember -- we love your comments on pretty much everything, so if you have thoughts on the reviews and so forth, share them...you might end up with your comments shared and discussed on the podcast.

Old Classics? Newly Reviewed!
Bringing Up Baby
School For Scoundrels
The Hidden Eye
Dr. Doolittle
The Third Man
My Fair Lady
North By Northwest
King Solomon's Mines
His Girl Friday
Mystery Movie aka The Worst Live-Action Disney Film of All Time
Double Feature -- Dick Tracy 1945 & 1990
Double Feature -- The Awful Truth & My Favorite Wife 

Christmas Classics
The Man Who Invented Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sing Along Version
Bachelor Mother for the Holidays
The Santa Clause
Office Christmas Party
Home Alone
Trading Places
Reindeer Games
Double Feature -- RED & RED 2
Double Feature -- Die Hard & Die Hard 2

Binging My Life Away
The Time Tunnel 

Three Episode Thoughts
The Rookie
Magnum, P.I. (2018)

Social Saturdays
The English Beat at City Winery Atlanta 

Miscellaneous Moi
Holiday Memories -- This is a BRAND NEW humor piece (don't faint)

You say: Gini, I'm all caught up on all the fun stuff
over at TG Geeks. Now what?
I say: Scroll on down...
It's A Book Club!

As I hope all y'all know, I write horror as J.C. Koch and am a member of the Horror Writers Association. Since getting to Atlanta, I've become a charter member (and, somehow, President) of the HWA Atlanta Chapter. And we have a Book Club.

Every month, we spotlight a different book from one of our members and encourage everyone we know to buy them, read them, and review them (and, yes, we accept reviews that are less than 5 stars because not everyone loves everything and we know it).

The Book Club has been active for a while, so here's what we've featured so far...so join our Club and get to reading!
The Book Club Selection for February 2019 is Frightful Fables, Vol. 1, by D.C. Phillips.
We started 2019 with January's selection of The She-Wolf of Kanta by Marlena Frank.
December 2018's selection was I Never Meant to Start a Murder Cult and Other Stories by Darrell Z. Grizzle.
November 2018's selection was Zombie Road (1) by David A. Simpson. I strongly suggest you check it out, and the other 5 books in the series, for REASONS I will be sharing with you soon...
October 2018's selection was All Those Broken Angels by Peter Adam Salomon. Peter's also the one who created Dark Poetry Day, which was inaugurated in 2018 as well!
September 2018's selection was Bring Her Back by Jeff Strand. 
The inaugural Book Club selection for August 2018 was The Night Beat, by Moi. If you somehow haven't read it yet, now's the time! And check out this lovely review from author Marlena Frank: "This book is an incredible roller coaster ride of action, monsters, and special guests."
The March 2019 selection will be Will Haunt You by Brian Kirk.
Want to share what you thought with the authors directly? Head over to our Facebook page -- Horror Writers Association Atlanta Chapter -- and talk all things books with us!
In regards to Valentine's Day, a little poem to share how I feel about all y'all...

Roses are red, violets are blue, my fans are the best, and I love all of you.
So, there's this odd new site that many of my author pals have discovered, and apparently I'm there, too. Sort of. There are so very many things wrong here (not all, just most) that I can't figure out why anyone bothered or how they aggregate the information. BUT, because I'm a giver, me, I share VIP FAQ with you because, well, someone has to, I guess. 

Need More Things to Keep You Occupied Until I Get
Aliens Like Us Over to DAW?

We've got you covered.
From Zombies Need Brains
Featuring "The City Under the Sea" by moi writing as J.C. Koch.
Featuring "A Kitty-Bot's Tale", an Alien Series Short that takes place during the events of Alien Education.
Featuring "Missy the Were-Pomeranian vs. the Masters of Mediocre Doom".
Featuring "Alien Epilogue", an Alien Series Short, taking place right after the events of Universal Alien.

From the Independent Collection
My humor collection. Yes, really, all the stories are true...
Standalone romantic suspense with humor and alligators.
The first three Martian Alliance novellas ("The Royal Scam", "Three Card Monte", and "A Bug's Life") in one collection.
Meet Mattie. She sees dead people. But they're cool. Mostly...
Book One of The New West series, by moi writing as A.E. Stanton
Book Two of The New West series, by moi writing as A.E. Stanton
 From Baen Books     From UFO Press
Featuring "H.P. and Me", a Necropolis Enforcement Files prequel.
Featuring "The Vampire's Apprentice"...one of Tangent Online's 3 Star Short Stories for 2018!
So many bookie wookies, so much time to catch up on all of them while waiting for Aliens Like Us. Check out my Bookstore and Bibliography for all the things!
I mentioned Tangent Online up above...here are their reviews of several of the anthologies I've been in that you might want to check out if you've missed them.

Unidentified Funny Objects 7/"The Vampire's Apprentice": "Excellent overall."
The Cackle of Cthulhu/"H.P. and Me": "An action-driven romp."
Unidentified Funny Objects 6/"Alexander Outland: Space Jockey": "...fast paced with a lot of action..."
Unidentified Funny Objects 5/"The Problem with Poofs": "...this is a great read..."
Unidentified Funny Objects 4/"Support Your Local Alien": "...entertainingly preserves "Miss" and "Missus" in the age of warp travel..."
Unidentified Funny Objects 3/"Live at the Scene": "It's a clever satire on television reporting..."
Tangent Online Recommended Reading List 2014 -- "Live at the Scene" awarded 1 Star
Tangent Online Recommended Reading List 2018 -- "The Vampire's Apprentice" awarded 3 Stars
There's a cool story about one of my brothers from another mother, Jeff Twohig, and what he's been doing in Digital Print for on demand comic books over at Xerox. (And, do a Where's Gini and see if you can spot me in one of the pics. :-D)
The Science Fiction Romance Blog gave Touched by an Alien a nice recommendation: "This novel is a madcap caper that should appeal to fans of Men In Black." Check out the full review!
That's it for today but, despite all the evidence to the contrary, more's on the way. Have great weeks, stay warm and dry or cool and comfy, depending on where you are in the world, and let's be readers out there! Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!

Love, Gini

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