Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday's Winning, and I MEAN Winning, Ways

Happy Friday! Well, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, we're back to the whirlwind again today. But what a whirlwind it is! There are tons of winning opportunities as well as lots of other good stuff. So let's get to it, shall we?

First up, head to Reading on the Dark Side where the yap is running in full force in a new interview, there's an "Alien Tango" excerpt, AND you can win a copy of "Alien Tango".

Then hit Larissa's Bookish Life where there's a classified briefing on the Alien Collective's favorite girl, an excerpt from "Alien Tango", AND a chance to win a signed copy of "Alien Tango". (I'm sensing a trend...)

Yes, the trend's official! Go to The Amber Scott Project because for this week's Project Pay It Forward, she's giving away at least one signed copy of, you guessed it, "Alien Tango".

Speaking of winning, Dren's B-Spot has announced the winner of the "Alien Tango" PLUS either "Touched by an Alien" or "Alien in the Family" prize pack. Congrats!

Now, because "Touched by an Alien" was feeling left out, head to About Happy Books where there's a new great review up.

Want some more reading and book gift ideas? Then, head over to see what author Seanan McGuire is recommending on her holiday shopping list, books-wise. (Have you checked out Seanan's October Daye series yet? If you haven't, rectify! They're awesome books.) The Galaxy Express has a full listing of all the SFR releases coming, including "Alien Tango" and "Love and Rockets". DAW Books Reviews will be telling you what's coming from my beloved publisher all month long as well. (It's run by my pal and fellow author Josh Palmatier, so check it out.) And Romance Dish has a very full listing of what's releasing this month, and they're giving away a book to one lucky commenter.

Is that all? Not quite. The 3rd Combo-Con Pack will be coming later today, for Hook Me Up! subscribers only. Not on Hook Me Up! yet? Time to fix that. Check out Win Stuff for full details on the contest and how to get signed up and in with the in crowd.

Next week, being Release Week and all that, will be just as action packed. As a preview, there are 5 guest blogs from me at The Penguin Community (you need to register for the Community, it's easy, but you might want to do that before Monday...just sayin'), 3 new and different interviews, 2 book signings, and a Martini in an "Alien Tango" releases Dec. 7th tree. Truly, rest up over the weekend -- next week's gonna be HUGE.


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