Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hump Day Comes Early/TusCon Roundup Comes Late

I know, I know, it's only Tuesday, but here in the States, with Thanksgiving on Thursday, many of us are only working a 3-day week. (Not me, of course. I work a 24/7 day week, but that's 'cause I'm crazy.) So, even though it's Tuesday, it's really the middle of this shorter week, so today is the REAL Hump Day of Beverly Hills. Or something like that.

But don't let that rambling opener fool you -- as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, we have lots going on today. First up, check out June "Bug" Kramin and what she's busy pimping. It's a double pimp, too, which should earn her some extra Alien Collective points.

Next up, my somewhat belated TusCon Roundup. It was a great con, and I had a blast. Some of the Alien Collective were in attendance (waves madly to all who were there) and attended my "Alien Tango" reading, kept me company at the mass book signing, and hit my panels, too. Always awesome to see you guys!

Speaking of panels, I was on a lot, and had a blast with them. I didn't get to panel with the awesome Marsheila Rockwell but we audienced for each other.

I did have the pleasure, in no particular order of pleasure 'cause they're all awesome, of getting to be on panels with Jeff Mariotte, Adam Niswander, Shannon Butcher (who is a lovely, gracious lady whether on a panel or at breakfast), Janni Lee Simner, John Vornholt, Jordan Summers, Larry Hammer, Lee Whiteside, Ed Bryant, Jill Knowles, and Sam Sykes. Yeah, that's a lot of folks, I know. And that's not everyone who was there. TusCon draws a LOT of authors.

I was supposed to be on a panel with Jim Butcher, but he had the nerve to bow out because he still had a line of people waiting for him to sign their books, and he chose his fans over the panel. The nerve! LOL From what I saw and heard, he's a great guy, and we all know he writes great books. (Access Hollywood-ish type fact: Jim's cut his hair, very short -- it looks good, but made it hard to recognize him unless he was with Shannon.)

Got to hang with Yvonne Navarro and pet two of her awesome rescued Great Danes, Goblin and Ghost. Weston Ochse was supposed to be there but was in Romania instead (don't ask me, that's what his blog and Facebook page are for). And the ever awesome Mysterious Galaxy and the lovely Maryelizabeth Hart were on site, selling books, which is what they do so very well. And I got to catch up with one of my writing mentors, Stephen Mertz and have that rare but wonderful pleasure of having a mentor tell me he's proud of what I've achieved. That was truly a con highlight for me.

That's all for today. Will there be more tomorrow? Well, there IS that contest I've been talking about. Might want to let y'all know what it's about...

Oh, and 13 days until "Alien Tango" releases. Have you pre-ordered YOUR copy yet?


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Blogger June Kramin said...

Yea! I wasn't sure you saw it :)

Man - you are one busy broad ;)

7 days - w00t!

November 23, 2010 at 4:14 PM  
Blogger Brandy said...

Looking forward to Alien Tango's release! Goblin and Ghost are sensational names for pets, too cool! Have to check that out!

November 23, 2010 at 9:36 PM  

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