Monday, November 29, 2010

Busiest Monday EVER?

You decide...'cause, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, when I say busy, I MEAN busy. There's so much going on today it may take until tomorrow to get to it all. But we shall persevere! So, onward...

First up, the yap's running wild today! Check out the interview with moi at Dren's B-Spot. Not only do you learn new fun things about me, but she's also doing an awesome giveaway! Check out how to win a copy of "Alien Tango" with either a copy of "Touched by an Alien" OR a pre-ordered copy of "Alien in the Family". SUCH a deal!

Speaking of winning, Larissa's Bookish Life is doing yet another fab giveaway and this one, like the one Dren's doing, you do NOT want to miss. Larissa's giving away more than just "Alien Tango", though that's in the winning mix, so check it out!

Then leap over to 1st Turning Point where my OpEd piece on writer's blogs is both large and in charge and also generating a lot of responses from authors. Many of y'all represent the blogging public, and you all represent the reading public, so add your $0.02 into the discussion.

Next, check out my own beloved website if you haven't already. Hit some pages, check it out, 'cause it's had a little makeover in honor of the imminent release of "Alien Tango".

That's a lot right there, isn't it? But oh, we're nowhere close to done.

There's another fab review of "Touched by an Alien" over at 25 Hour Books. Check it out, leave some Alien Collective love, you know the drill.

Then check out Bibliotheca Discordia, The Life and Travels of Sullivan McPig, Ex Libris, and Ramblings from a Chaotic Mind to see all the interesting things that arrived in their mailboxes over the weekend.

Last but in no way least, check out I Smell Sheep for their latest contest wherein you can win an awesome Sheeped by an Alien t-shirt.

Now, THAT'S all. For today. Trust want to fasten those seatbelts...this week's gonna be a wild ride, 'cause there's LOTS more to come!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

*WAVES* Hi there! I can't wait to read it!!

November 29, 2010 at 6:25 PM  
Blogger Gini Koch said...

Hey, Nikki! Thanks, and hope you enjoy it!

November 30, 2010 at 2:24 AM  

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