Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Where In the World is Gini? March Edition

Happy First of March!

It's been brought to my attention that I've neglected the Datebook and so all y'all have no idea where to find me in the upcoming months. So, seeing as I'm in the midst of the usual deadline madness and more (there's always more), let's see where I shall be this month.

March 12 and 13, Tucson Festival of Books -- I'm not a panelist this year but I am moderating the Kick-Ass Women of Sci-Fi Panel on Saturday, March 12, from 2:30-3:30pm, in Optical Sciences Room 410. This panel features awesome authors Yvonne Navarro, Jeffe Kenndey, Beth Cato, and Judith Tarr and I expect it to be epic. The rest of the time I'll be at Booth 108 with a ton of other awesome authors selling all the bookie wookies including Alien in Chief, The X-Files: Trust No One, Alliance Rising, and more! Museum of Robots will be there with me, and they'll have the first of their Gini Koch line to show off along with the rest of their awesome things, so if you're there, you'll be among the very first to see what's coming.

And, if you come to Booth 108 and buy anything (like, you know, one or more of the awesome books I and the many other awesome authors have for sale) you'll be getting a cool totebag, featuring Mous-Mous, which is our "booth bag" for the Festival. You know you want it, so come on down to one of the biggest book festivals in the country!

My next forays out of the Casa will be in May for Book Tour for Camp Alien and other related pursuits, and I'll have details on that for all y'all coming up in the nearish future.

ALSO, this month I'm also in the latest Kickstarter coming from UFO Press -- Unidentified Funny Objects 5, which just went live today. And, I have tuckerizations galore, including one for the cover. Yes! My story incorporates the cover image and it's gonna be so much fun. At this moment, though, only 2 of my tuckerizations are left, so if you want to get into my story, "The Problem With Poofs" (which is set in my Steampunk Alien Universe), head over right now. Even if you're not going to have your "name in lights", definitely check out this Kickstarter and get in while the getting's good. It'll be another really fun and funny anthology from a wonderful small press that I know all y'all will enjoy.

So, until then, let's be Unidentifiably Funny supporting readers out there and I'll see some of you at the Festival next month! Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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