Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Winning Roundup

Happy Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? I sure am, but before we get to that, can't leave you without all the latest news.

First off, contest reminders. The Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Blog Award contest is going strong. If you haven't tagged in yet, hit Win Stuff, get the instructions, and go to town. I think a Fight the Fuglies Starter Kit AND an ARC of "Alien Proliferation" are worth fighting for, so have at it!

The Daddy Crazies contest is in full swing over at the Alien Collective Virtual HQ. Check it out and check in, get entered to win some more cool prizes!

Musa Publishing has their grand opening tomorrow! In addition to your being able to get "The Royal Scam" immediately, there will also be prizes and such being given away, so be sure to drop by.

Also, a reminder for all German and German-reading Alien Collective Members in Very Good Standing -- "Aliens in Armani", the German language version of "Touched by an Alien", will release from Piper Fantasy tomorrow as well. Get your copies, and someone let me know how it reads! :-D

Speaking of how things read, we have another early review of "The Royal Scam". Check out what Absorbed in a Book had to say about Book 1 of The Martian Alliance Chronicles.

Then, head on over to My 5 Monkeys, and check out her Top Ten Books to Reread and her shout out to Musa.

Then hit The Galaxy Express where they're doing an interesting series on Adventures in Sci-Fi Romance.

That should keep y'all busy until Monday. And believe me, you want to be paying attention on Monday. Trust me. You'll be glad to be paying attention on Monday. (Hint: another contest is starting on Monday, and it's for Hook Me Up! only. Wait, you're not on Hook Me Up! yet? Rectify now! Send an email to with "Hook Me Up!" in the subject line so you'll be all set for the next awesomeness.) So, until then, have a wonderful weekend, get down with your bad selves, and let's be readers out there!


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