Monday, November 16, 2020

The Yap's All Over, Nov. READ THIS! Q&A, & More!

 Guess what time it is? That's right, it's Yappin' Time! There are a variety of ways to see, hear, and read about the me, starting with this week's READ THIS! Q&A and going on from there!

November 2020 READ THIS! Author Q&A
November's READ THIS! author Q&A with Elle E. Ire will be Thursday, November 19, 2020, from 9pm-10pm Eastern.

Access to Discord is available worldwide, and everyone is invited to attend!

You do not need to be a Discord member/user to attend:
Use this link to go directly to the chat room!

(You also don't need to have finished the book to join in the fun. We authors know that everyone reads at their own pace and we just want to hang out with you guys and have some good times!)

Once in, you'll get to join in the fun of asking authors about their "process" and more. PLUS, every attendee will be given a coupon code for a special purchase (see below). AND, one lucky winner will get December's READ THIS! selection for FREE! I know! It's too happy to be true! But true it is, so don't miss out!

(You must be present in the chat to win.
Physical copies U.S. only; ebook copies worldwide.)
November 2020 READ THIS! Selection

The READ THIS! Selection for November 2020 is: 

by Elle E. Ire

Gini's Take: SFR in a gritty, military setting, action that will make you keep turning the pages, and romance to root for.

About the Author: Elle E. Ire writes science fiction and urban fantasy novels featuring kickass women who fall in love with each other. So far, these include VICIOUS CIRCLE (2015/2020), and the STORM FRONTS trilogy: THREADBARE (2019), PATCHWORK (2020), and WOVEN (2020). When she isn’t writing, Elle enjoys getting into her characters’ minds by taking shooting lessons, participating in interactive theatrical experiences, paying to be kidnapped “just for the fun and feel of it,” and attempting numerous escape rooms.
December's READ THIS! Selection

And Remember: One Lucky Q&A Participant can win it early!

The READ THIS! Selection for December 2020 is: 

Plush Life
by Gini Koch

It's Episode 300 of the TG Geeks podcast and guess who's the guest star? That's right, moi! I've had the great honor of being Podcast Interview #1 and getting to be the Milestone Guest of this cool and fun and all things geek podcast, and I look forward to many more milestones! Check it out and join in the fun of seeing where my mind takes us!
The Yap is large and in charge in an interview with ShoutOut Atlanta! Take a look and have a read and find out more things about moi!

That's it for today but, never fear, another Update, including more info about the December READ THIS! selection, will be arriving in a couple of weeks!

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy, remember we're all in this together, be kind to one another, give love and support to all those who are on the front lines in any capacity, and let's be readers out there. Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch some of you at the Q&A and all of you on the flip side!

Love, Gini

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