Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whole Lotta Tango Goin' On

Happy Hump Day! Well, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, the "Alien Tango" love is starting to roll in! We have not one but two advanced reviews today.

Check out Larissa's Bookish Life for her take and rating on the next adventures of Kitty and Company, and then check out what Hanging with Bells has to say! Leave some Alien Collective love while you're at it.

Speaking of the Alien Collective, Dark Wyrm Reads has a lovely Gratitude Giveaway going on, which includes "Touched by an Alien" as well as some other cool books. And remember, my interview at The Book Pushers is still large and in charge -- complete with "Alien Tango" excerpt!

That's it for today. But I promise you...I'll be back. Soon. So, until then, enjoy the downward slide towards the weekend and the anticipation of 19 days until "Alien Tango" can be in your hands! (BTW, it's never a bad time to pre-order both "Alien Tango" AND "Alien in the Family". Just sayin'...)


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