Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Sensations

Hey there, everyone! Hope everyone's had wonderful weeks so far! It's been busy over here, you know, as per usual, in part with all the handing out of prizes from the last contest and whatnot. However, much is going on and all y'all need to know about it!

First up, in honor of Halloween, there's a new flash fiction short story of mine, "Moonlight Becomes You", over at Books Make Me Happy as part of their week-long celebration. There's also lots of other shorts from other UF/PNR authors there, and prizes, so go have some fun!

After that, check out what Collings Notes has to say about the A Darke Phantistique anthology, which features "Outsiders" by moi writing as J.C. Koch. Then, for those Members of the Alien Collective in Very Good Spanish Reading Standing, check out what Fantástica – Ficción has to say about Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets, featuring my story "All the Single Ladies".

Speaking of A Darke Phantastique, if you're in SoCal, don't forget to come see the me, and at least ten other awesome authors, at the mass signing on Thursday, November 6, 2014, at the Mystery and Imagination Bookstore. The party starts at 5:30 and rumors have it that there will be cake and wine. And who can so no to cake AND wine? Many, I'm sure, but I'm not one of them. And remember to bring any books of mine that you have to the event so you can get your bookies wookies signed and such!

2D - Innit beautiful? (Ralph says, "Hi.")
Speaking of irresistible things, check out what's coming your way in November, on the 17th to be exact. That's right, the Sensational Six: Action and Adventure in Sci Fi, Fantasy and Paranormal Romance ebook boxed set! Featuring stories from Sasha White, Jordan Summers, Vivi Anna, Caris Roane, Marsheila Rockwell & Jeff Mariotte, and, of course, moi. That's six great stories from seven authors, or as I think of us, Six Gals and a Guy. (I think we have a TV show in the making here...)

And how much will this sensational set be? For a limited time it's going to be a whopping $0.99. YES, less than a DOLLAR for six great stories! For full details on each author and story included (and blog tour spots, if you're a blogger who'd like in on the action) check out the cool page NK Book Tours set up!
3D - so cool! (Ralph says, "Buy this set!")

And, yes, the book of mine that'll be included in this set is The Night Beat, Necropolis Enforcement #1. For those of you who already have The Night Beat, don't think you'll miss out. First off, there will be those five other awesome stories. And...there will be a very good-sized excerpt of...wait for it...yes...Necropolis Enforcement #2, aka Night Music. (Yes, it's coming to you early in 2015...and this time that's a firm promise.) This is the only place you'll find this excerpt until Night Music releases, so if you want to catch up on what Victoria and her team of ready and willing undeads are up to, this boxed set is the only way to get a Necropolis fix for a while. Bottom line: Don't miss out on this one!

Speaking of missing out, did you, on the Temporally Out of Order anthology Kickstarter? Well, fear not! You can actually get in on pre-orders and other goodies via the publisher, Zombies Need Brains -- scroll down to the bottom of the page for details on how to pre-order this exceptionally cool antho, loaded with exceptionally cool authors, including moi.

We move from issues with time travel and its related issues to some shenanigans. Apparently there's some woman named Jody Wallace who's written some kind of book thing that parodies lots of  other book things. And she apparently even found a way to get me to give her a blurb for this book thing of hers. (I was probably drinking.) Check out her extremely suspect interview over at SF Signal where she and Heather Massey discuss the very suspect Mari Shu series. (BTW, Jody Wallace is NOT moi -- seriously, she's not -- though I hear she likes to pretend she is late at night when no one else is least when she THINKS no one else is looking...ha ha ha Jody, I have friends at the NSA!)

And now, for some science! Science that is determined to prove that I write nonfiction, to be exact. Check out what Scientific American has to say about quantum worlds and universes and all that cool jazz. ACE, Sandy, and Algar all say you should get educated, lest what happens to Kitty in Universal Alien happens to you.

Speaking of Universal Alien, have you done your girl a solid and pre-ordered that puppy yet? If yes, many {HUGS} and *smootchies*. If no, what, really, are you waiting for? Pre-orders matter, hugely, and you can pre-order copies to be sent right to you or to be picked up at your favorite bookstore, whatever you like best. 

Last but not least, for those participating, have a very fun, happy, and above all, safe Halloween. Remember to keep your eyes open for all the little A-Cs out there, and also please be vigilant with pets -- yours and anyone else's -- especially those with black or dark fur. Enjoy the candy comas, and let's be sugared up readers out there! Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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