Friday, March 18, 2016

Working for the Weekend

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone had a fun, safe, and happy St. Patrick's day if you were indulging in all things Irish, and a great week regardless of celebrations! I'm still recovering from Tucson Festival of Books last weekend, which was great. Got to hang out with great authors, moderate a great panel with other great authors Judith Tarr, Jeffe Kennedy, Yvonne Navarro, and Beth Cato, and visit with tons of great Members of the Alien Collective in Very Good Standing. A fantabulous weekend all the way around!

I also had a dozen advanced copies of Plush Life on hand and do not have them anymore. So, congrats to those who scored the book early!

For the rest of you, the bookie wookie goes on sale everywhere on April 1 (and that's not an April Fools joke, either). And don't panic -- while the physical version up at Amazon says it's out of print, it's not -- it's just not available until April 1. The very important pre-orders are all available right now, however, at Amazon and Smashwords.

For some giggles and because tarot does figure into Plush Life, check out the Lisa Frank Tarot Cards over at Huffington Post and look closely at The Devil card. Apparently my reputation has reached Lisa Frank's ears. :-D (Kudos to Shawn Sumrall and Beth Vrabel for pointing this out.)

Speaking of pre-orders, don't forget to do your girl a solid and pre-order Camp Alien and Alien Nation from your favorite bookseller or online retailer today! Pre-orders matter as much as sales these days, and to keep a series going, and going strong, pre-orders are a must. You can also pre-order from bookstores you know I'll be visiting, in order to get said bookie wookies signed.

Speaking of Camp Alien, in its May issue RT Book Reviews says "...readers are in for more wildly over-the-top adventures that will be filled with edge-of-your-seat danger and wackiness!" So you know you don't want to wait to see what Kitty & Company are up to -- pre-order today!

I have lots of anthologies coming this year. And right now one of them needs your Kickstarter support. Check out Unidentified Funny Objects 5 which will feature the third installment of my Steampunk Alien series, "The Problem With Poofs". Lots of cool rewards are still available, including one last tuckerization from me, so if you want to be in an Alien series story (that, trust me, affects the main Alien series in ways that all y'all are going to discover as we move ahead into the upcoming books in the series), then now's your chance!

Speaking of Kickstarters and tuckerizations, the long-awaited MECH: Age of Steel anthology is about to roll out its Kickstarter. And I have a LOT of tuckerization options possible in my story, "Jaegermeister", including characters who are mech pilots and location naming rights. And, unlike most who tuckerize, I tend to not kill my tuckers but instead turn them into supporting characters who stick around for the long haul. And this is a story you want to be in. It's also kind of cool that the cover art looks like it could be taken from my story...just a hint to whet your appetites! So, keep the eyeballs peeled, because the MECH Kickstarter is going to kick off soon!

Last but not least, check out my review of Season Two of Galavant over at Slice of SciFi. Did you like it, too? Hated it? Aren't sure you want to check it out? Join the conversation over at Slice!

That's it for today, but as always, more's on the way. So let's be weekend enjoying, pre-ordering, and Kickstartering readers out there. Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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