Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Here, There, and Everywhere

Happy Hump Day! Hope everyone's weeks are going nicely and that everyone's healthy. I say that because pretty much everyone I know is sick (other than moi, and I'm trying hard to hold the illness hordes at bay). Sick is never fun, so sending get well thoughts out to any who are under the weather, and stay healthy thoughts to everyone else!

There's much going on, of course, so let's get to it! First off, awesome DAW author Patrick Rothfuss is doing a huge fundraiser with some seriously huge prizes, including a prize of a copy of every book published by DAW Books in 2012. That's BIG, gang, and the cause is a great one (Heifer International), so if you're able, give a little and get entered to win a lot.

Next up, see what Larissa's Bookish Life thinks are the top 5 covers coming in 2013 so far. Then head over to see what Medusa's Library has started the year off reading, and rereading, and The Writer Librarian is showing off Alien in the House.

Now, let's check out some of the places where you can see the me, and many other awesome authors, in the upcoming months! First off, I'll be in Eureka Springs, Arkansas later this month for the Other Worlds Fantasy Fest, January 25th through 27th. This is likely the only time I'm going to be in this part of the country this year, so if you can make it, this is the con to make it for.

I'll also be at the Tucson Festival of Books, March 9th & 10th. The TFoB is the 4th largest book fair in the country. And I won't be alone. Check out the listing of authors confirmed to attend, and then see the list broken out by genre and activity. Make your plans to attend, it's gonna be huge.

Speaking of huge, I'll also be at Phoenix Comicon over Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-26. This is a great con because it's big enough to attract huge media guests (cast of Babylon 5, anyone?) and small enough that you can meet and interact with those guests. If you can only hit one this year, this is the one.

But if you want a more intimate experience that's more reader focused than anything else, hit Arizona Dreamin', May 31st through June 2nd. And, for the opposite of intimate but the granddaddy of cool, of course I plan to be at San Diego Comic-Con from July 18th through July 21st.

Speaking of huge...if you can only go to one con in 2014, make sure that it's DarkCon 2014, January 16th through 19th, where at I will be the Local Author Guest of Honor AND we will be having GiniCon on the last day of the con on the 19th, with extra activities all the way through for all Members of the Alien Collective in Very Good Standing. This is a full See The Me situation where you'll get access like never before and lots of it, PLUS there will be other awesome authors and media guests in attendance as well. Seriously, start saving up and getting the time off work now, because it's gonna be huge.

If you didn't catch my inaugural review column over at Slice of SciFi and It's Comic Book Day now's the time. Feel free to leave comments at the sites if you enjoy my reviews of all things nerd -- it makes the folks at Slice of SciFi feel warm and fuzzy, and we all like to feel warm and fuzzy, don't we?

Last but not least, the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll is still going on, and Alien Diplomacy and I both still need your votes. So do your girl a solid and cast your votes, please and thank you. And while we're on the subject of solids, remember to pre-order Alien in the House, please and thank you again. Yes, those pre-orders matter, matter, matter, and I love you all for doing so!

Well, that's it for today, but as always, more's on the way. So enjoy the downward slide to the weekend, and let's be readers out there! Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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