Monday, November 3, 2014

Pick Up Some Aliens

Happy Monday! It's a long one today, but that's because I'm heading out of town (more on that below) and don't want all y'all to miss out on anything!

But first up, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! All winners who won ebooks have them now. And for those of you who are getting physical books, they will go out by the week of the 10th (and you're waiting for a couple of reasons, but you'll be happy for the delay, I promise).

Also, welcome to November! Know what November is? Nah, I and the Stampeding Herd don't do NaNo ('cause we do our own version all year long). Nope, November is when my third Alien Series Short, "Alien Pick-Up", is available in the current issue of Penumbra eMagazine! So, if you're jonesing for an Alien fix and don't want to wait until December 2nd when Universal Alien releases, go grab a copy of Penumbra today!

And, for those of you who may have somehow missed the May and July issues, containing "Alien on the Runway" and "Mr. Dash Saves the World" respectively, don't continue missing out! Penumbra has all their back issues for sale, too!

After getting all caught up with Penumbra, see what Books-n-Kisses thought of Alien Collective.

And then it's time for some science! In honor of the story I'll be writing for the Temporally Out of Order anthology,
see what io9 wants to remind us all about the true perils of time travel. (Hint -- it's NOT killing your's much, much worse...) And it also totally absolves the Ancients of a lot of errors, too. Well, somewhat anyway. And, shocking one and all, the comments on this article are really great, well thought out, and thought provoking -- which is probably the most surprising thing about the article, when you think about it...

As a reminder for all SoCal area peeps -- I'll be in da hizzy on Thursday, November 6, for the mass signing of A Darke Phantastique. And I won't be alone! A slew of awesome authors will be there, including William F. "Logan's Run" Nolan! Truly, if you're in the area, get over to the Mystery and Imagination Bookstore at 5:30 this Thursday for a fun party with authors, cake, and wine! Also, if you have any of my bookie wookies you want signed, bring 'em all and I'll sign 'em all!

Also, since I'll be out of town starting on Wednesday, be sure to hit Slice of SciFi on Friday, to see what I thought of Big Hero 6.

Speaking of being out of town, Vegas Area Peeps, we have time confirmation for my signing at the Barnes & Noble Henderson on December 13, 2014, where I'll be joined with fellow Wyked Women Who Write authors T.L. Smith and Sharon Skinner for a party and more from 1-4pm! Cake, yaps running, prizes being handed out left and right, so don't miss out! This is our first Vegas area signing, so if you want us to keep on coming back, help us pack the house!

Other Southwestern area peeps, I'm still finalizing the last stops on my December Book Tour, so keep your eyeballs peeled for a signing in your area! And hit the Datebook for info on all confirmed stops! Every stop currently planned with have a party -- including cake and prizes -- so be sure to make your plans now to attend! You'll be glad you did. (And remember: If you haven't yet, pre-order Universal Alien TODAY from your fave bookstore or online retailer!)

Remember to keep the eyeballs peeled and mark your calendars for November 17th, when Sensational Six: Action and Adventure in Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance will hit the airwaves. Six great stories from seven great authors, and all for $0.99! Plus you'll get a long, and the only, excerpt of Necropolis Enforcement Files #2, Night Music (coming early in 2015), as a boxed set extra! (BTW, I swear that's Ralph on the Sensational Six cover, and no one gets to tell me otherwise!)

Gosh, is that it? I think it is, at least for, most likely, this week. See some of you on Thursday, all of you have fantastic weeks and even better weekends, and let's be  readers out there. Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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