Monday, November 10, 2014

Tour the Universe

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great week and a wonderful weekend. I had a fantastic time in Los Angeles for the A Darke Phantastique mass signing. Check out the recap from author E.E. King for deets.

I got to celebrate a fun, fast in-and-out trip to SoCal by being back home to see the Cardinals beat the Rams (yes, I'm a football fan, but, seeing as I'm a Cardinals fan, I tend to fly under the radar...but this year, wowza!) live and in person. But there's lots going on, and lots to come in the next few weeks, so let's get to it all, shall we? We shall!

First up, the Universal Alien Top 10 Blog Tour begins today! Head on over to Pearls Cast Before a McPig to see what Jeff & Kitty's Top 10 Vacation Spots are AND get entered to win one of the first 9 books, signed and personalized! Contest open through Nov. 28th.

The rest of the stops are:
11-11 Larissa's Bookish Life
11-11 Feeling Fictional
11-12 Gizmo's Reviews
11-13 A Buckeye Girl Reads
11-13 Bibliognome
11-14 boeklogboek
11-17 Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell
11-18 I Smell Sheep
11-19 Lu's Buchgefluster
11-20 Under the Covers
12-01 Books-n-Kisses
12-02 Smart Girls Love Sci Fi

Every stop has either a new Top 10 List or an interview, and every stop has prizes to be won, so make sure you hit 'em all! And remember to do your girl a solid and pre-order Universal Alien online or from your favorite bookstore, including any bookstore where I'm making a Book Tour stop.

And don't stop there! See what Pearls Cast Before a McPig thought of Universal Alien. Then, check out Bibliognome's Pre Review Ravings and Favorite Quotes/Lines are from Universal Alien.

Next up, see what Books-N-Kisses thought of Alien Research, and what Feeling Fictional thought of Unidentified Funny Objects 3.

Then see which Top 5 Characters Larissa's Bookish Life would like to hang out with!

See any movies last weekend? If you missed Big Hero 6, check out my review at Slice of SciFi to see if you should see it or not. (Spoiler: you should see it.) Agree? Disagree? Join the discussion over at Slice!

Amazingly enough, that's it for today, but based on the fact that the Top 10 Blog Tour is large and in charge, expect to hear from me a lot in the upcoming days. So get ready to start the latest rounds of winning, and let's be readers out there!


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