Sunday, September 14, 2008

Music and Writing

I happen to be one of those writers who has to have music playing when I create.

Boy, that sounds lofty.

Let me be more honest. I’m someone who has to have music playing all the time or I risk going insane. I am not one with the sounds of silence, no matter what Alanis Morissette might want to say about it.

My issue isn’t that I’m not comfortable in silence. Well, okay, I’m not. But I’m not comfortable in silence because unless you’re in a soundproofed room all alone, there is no such thing in our world today as ‘silent’. And I have good hearing. And it’s selective. And worse, I have a vivid imagination. And it’s not selective at all.

Little tinkle that could mean the wind’s blowing the chimes or could mean someone just broke the basement window? Odd sound that might be the dog’s tummy rumbling or could indicate immediate danger of the earth opening up and swallowing the city whole? Repetitive sound the fans and air conditioning make? I hear all of them. And they distract me.

But if I put music on…then I only hear what I want to hear. And it’s not always the music.

For example, I play music when I’m on the telephone. So that I actually pay attention to the person I’m speaking with. Otherwise, they’re telling me about their latest brush with the law and I’m thinking, “Was that…was that a bug knocking against the window, or is a zombie about to attack?”

So music’s an integral part of my life. Therefore and by obvious extension, it’s a huge part of my writing life.

I need music not only to drown out the other things -- like the TV, the husband, the daughter, the pets, those damned fans -- that will distract me, but to inspire. And said music had darned well better have lyrics. In fact, I was originally going to title this Music and Lyrics, but didn’t want to make Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore all jealous. (But, I have to admit…I LOVE that movie. *cough* Okay, yeah, back to the topic. Whatever it actually is.)

I’m not a classical music kind of girl. Oh, I like plenty of it, but not to write to. With no lyrics, the music ends up, for me, just like the stupid fan -- I hear it and start going, “Is that…is that a bassoon or an oboe? I have no idea, but I think it’s a bassoon. No, oboe. No, French Horn.” That way lies madness. Trust me.

All this is to explain why I, a writer, have an entire page devoted to my playlists. And why some of my links are to band sites. (Because there is nothing cooler in this entire world than Aerosmith, okay?!? *cough* Sorry.) Because I can’t survive or create without them.

What about you? Strong, silent type, or rock ‘n’ roller all the way? No worries if you’re the former…we serve all kinds here.

Love, Gini

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My World and Welcome To It

So, here it is, my first blog on my brand, spankin’ new website. Wahoo!


So, I guess I’m supposed to say something all awesome and witty and interesting now, right? Ummm…



Well, let’s just go with top of my head, semi-informative and see how it goes.

I’m a writer (yeah, okay, obviously, but it had to be said) and since I took the time to write a bio, I’m going to force you to find it to get all that bio-type stuff. It’s cleverly hidden on my Playlist page, since I’m far more into music than I’m into me.

My goal with the blog is to share some of the creative process, some of the business process, and some of the fun. I’d really love for you to make comments (though nasty for the sake of nasty ones will be taken down -- ex-boyfriends, you have been warned). My goal is also to blog on at least a semi-regular basis. I’d promise daily, but I know myself. So, let’s shoot for at least twice a week and as the mood strikes me and see how it goes.

Sounds like a plan, and I’m great with plans. We won’t talk about follow through at this precise moment…


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