Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Train Kept A'Rollin'...

...all night long!

And for those of you too uncool to instantly recognize those lyrics, they're vintage Aerosmith. Who I saw Monday night. Along with ZZ Top. From good seats, I have to add.

*we pause while all readers go green, purple and red with envy*

Sadly, they weren't the best seats. Then again, that's why I'm not in jail for trying to get up onto the stage and have my way with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. The hubs never thinks that's cute, for some reason...

But the concert was, as all Aerosmith concerts are, awesome. ZZ Top was, as is their wont, excellent. It was, as is the case here in Hell's Orientation Area in the middle of summer, hotter than Hades and the venue was our fab outdoors one.

You couldn't tell how hot it was by the bands. They rocked like they were in great air conditioning. You could tell by the water bottles -- it was the kind of hot where beer and daiquiris didn't seem refreshing enough and the majority of the crowd was on water by the middle of ZZ Top's set.

Not that I cared. No, I cared that, for some reason, Aerosmith did not play for 6 hours straight. Of course, even if they had, they still wouldn't have hit every song I wanted to hear.

On a sad note, Joe Perry did NOT take his shirt off. I know! What's up with THAT? It was certainly hot enough to have warranted it, even if he didn't have the best pecs and abs in all of rock. He did, however, have his hair all 'Rogued Out' (white skunk stripes just in the front, for those of you who somehow have missed the X-Men in the course of your sad, non-comic-book-aware lives), which looked cool. Joe and Steven both, as always, were totally hot.

Even the hubs admitted it was a great show, though on the way out, he said, "I don't think Steven Tyler's all that great. He seems over the top and I don't get why you think he's sexy."

To which I replied, "Because you're a straight male, um, DUH." I then proceeded to spend the ride home explaining just why lead singers should be over the top, why Steven is hot, why Joe is also hot, how unfair it was that I could only see part of Joe's chest all night, and so forth.

So, you know, a good time was had by all. (That'll teach the hubs to diss Screamin' Steven Tyler to ME, now, won't it?)


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Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm Still Here AND Creation Agent Installment 6 Is, Too

Yahoo! My edits on "Touched by an Alien" are off to my editor. I'm almost finished with edits on "Alien Tango", too. So, having a chance to put my head up and look around.

Um, wow.

I haven't done anything for weeks, have I?

Well, that's all in the past! (stop laughing) I've got a new Playlist up (click on the iPod icon), more new places to go and things to do up at my Datebook (click on the Sunglasses icon), and, as my Hook Me Up! readers already know, there's a new installment of "The Creation Agent" up on Expanded Universes (click on the open book with the galaxy icon).

Now that the hysterical crush of editing is over, I should be 'here' on a more regular basis. I know, I know, what could be better news than this? Wait...don't answer that...


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