Friday, April 24, 2015

It's All About the Book

Happy Friday! Wowza, hearing from me twice in a week. I know, it's shocking, right? It's like the old days of, you know, last year. But today it's a short and sweet one, so let's get to it so we can all get to the weekend!

The yap is large and in charge over at Tome Tender where not only am I sharing three never-before-revealed things about moi, but there's also a chance to win your choice of one of the first ten books in the Alien series (Touched by an Alien, Alien Tango, Alien in the Family, Alien Proliferation, Alien Diplomacy, Alien vs. Alien, Alien in the House, Alien Research, Alien Collective, or Universal Alien). And of course it's open internationally. Contest runs through May 4th, so get your entries in today!

And why is this happening? Leading up to the release of Alien Separation on May 5th, of course! And, to see what's coming -- and why RT Book Reviews made Alien Separation a Top Pick -- check out the review of said bookie wookie over at Larissa's Bookish Life.

After that, check out the headers (look up) all over the website, including Newsy Stuff that has new, um, newsy stuff. There's also a new Playlist to check out as well. And, while you're at it, hit Deathless Prose where the prologue and first chapter of Alien Separation are there for your reading pleasure and enticement.

BTW, I hear tell that a Hook Me Up! exclusive contest is on the horizon. Not on Hook Me Up! yet? Now's the time. Just send an email to with "Hook Me Up!" in the subject line and you'll be in with the in-crowd and all set for the winning.

That's it for today, but as always, more's on the way. So enjoy the downward slide into the weekend, and let's be readers out there! Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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Monday, April 20, 2015

Playing Catchup

Happy Monday! I know, I know, it's been literally ages since you've heard from me. My only excuse is that I have an absolute tonnage of deadlines and they're requiring a lot of focus. (Apparently editors really like your stuff turned in in at least a semi-timely manner -- who knew?) So, it's lots of updates or it's lots of writing, and I think I know how we all vote. However, lots has been going on, so let's get all caught up so that I can go back into the writing cave and not come out again until I see my shadow. Or something like that.

First up, it's official! I'll be a presenting author at Phoenix Comicon again this year! The con runs from Thursday, May 28 through Sunday, May 31. I'll be on panels and in the exhibit hall in Author's Alley. I'll be doing a prize in conjunction with the Amazing Wyked Writers. I'll also be doing my usual Evening Erotica event and also a Food With Fans event during the con. When and where and what times and all that jazz is still up in the air, but as soon as I have my schedule you'll hear from me about it (pinky swear).

Speaking of in-person event, Phoenix Comicon falls right in the middle of my book tour supporting Alien Separation. The chicklet is also graduating from law school during this time. Because it's a lot more exciting if everything's going on at once! So, I've got my standard book tour stops, but despite plans (and pleas from some of you) I'm not adding on any more stops this time, because I don't think my brain can handle it.

So, come see the me, pre-order your bookie-wookies from, and get them signed at:

Mysterious Galaxy Books Birthday Bash, Saturday, May 9, 1-4pm; I'll be on at 2pm, right before cake! There WILL be a Food With Fans event after the party is over.

Barnes & Noble Henderson, Sunday, May 17 1-4pm, join me and some of the Amazing Wyked Writers -- T.L. Smith, Alan Black, Sharon Skinner, Marsheila Rockwell, and Jeffrey Mariotte -- for yapping, book signing, and more! There WILL be a Food With Fans event after the party is over.

The Poisoned Pen, Monday, June 8, 7-8pm. While there will not be a Food With Fans event after this signing, there will be goodies at the signing and there WILL also be a LiveStream of this event, so if you can't make it in person, plan to attend via the interwebs. As we did last time, we plan to involve the internet audience and yes, there will be at least one prize given out to someone watching via LiveStream, so add the event to your calendars now, whether you'll be with us in person or just in internet spirit!

Please remember to do your girl a solid and pre-order Alien Separation (and Alien in Chief, if you're so inclined) from any online or physical retailer. If you're coming to see me at an in-person event (or just ordering books to get signed and sent to you), please pre-order from that bookstore. It helps them, it helps me, it's the right thing to do!
The Disciple and Other Stories of the Paranormal by moi writing as Jemma Chase is out now and you can get your copy from  Amazon, Smashwords,, and CreateSpace, or in person from me at any event. You can also get/order copies from Mysterious Galaxy and The Poisoned Pen. So, if you want to get this baby signed at the same time as you get Alien Separation signed, let the bookstores know and they'll make it happen.

Next up, I know we all thought the X-Files: Trust No One would be out by now, but issues with certain aspects of the overall property have delayed its release. So, it's still coming and you can still pre-order, but we don't know what the new release date is yet. Could it be delayed because Fox has announced a new limited run of the TV series? I don't know, but the truth is out there...

And now, for some reviews! Check out what All Things Urban Fantasy thought of the audio version of Touched by an Alien.

Then see what Books in Brogan thought of Universal Alien, and the entire Alien Series as a whole so far.

Speaking of the whole series, check out the Order of Books site, where they have the Alien series and many other listed. Then see what Cat's Books: Romance lists as their top Diplomatic and Ambassador romance leads.

Then check out what Amazing Stories thinks of Alexander Outland: Space Pirate by moi writing as G.J. Koch.

After that, head over to Slice of SciFi and see what I thought of Furious 7 and what I thought of Knights of Badassdom as well. I loved one and was totally disappointed by the other, so if you agree or disagree, join the discussion over at Slice! And while you're there, check out all the gag reel from Galavant.

Now, for some science! NASA has made another cool discovery, and it's that there's a lot of water floating around in space, on Ganymede specifically. And has some interesting information on wormholes or, as Algar calls them, superhighways.

Speaking of cool, the Alien Collective Depot has been updated and enhanced for your enjoyment, and that includes new T-shirt designs! And yes, we have Poofs, Poofs, and more Poofs. Pocket Poofs are only available from me in person, but you can still order Adult and Baby Poofs, or Poof Families, through the Depot.

I'm leaving you today with one of the funniest things I've read in a while, collected from Tumblr by Chaos Cat -- get ready for the funniest insurance advertising fanfiction ever created. Trust me, it'll make your Monday much, much better.

So, everyone have a wonderful week, pre-order those bookie wookies, make your plans to see the me, and let's be readers out there! Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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