Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Yapping All Over

Happy Tuesday!

Well, I'm back and semi-recovered from San Diego Comic-Con, and I'll tell all y'all about it and all the other things going on shortly. But first, a big Happy August to all y'all!!

Now, read on for all the news about all the things! 
Wow! Lots of you had questions for me, as did J.P. Cane. And I answered them ALL!

So, head on over to
Working Title and have a listen!

BTW, a lot of the questions related to writing, both the business of and how I do it, so if you're an aspiring author, there's lots of good stuff for you on the podcast. And if you're not, well, there's lots of the Yap, lager and in charge. So it's a win-win for all!
BTW...these days, pre-orders matter more and more. So, do your girl a solid and pre-order Aliens Like Us from your favorite bookstore or online retailer. Kitty & Company will appreciate it, and so will I.
Comic-Con was a blast and it was great to see so many Members of the Alien Collective in Very Good Standing along with a ton of other writer pals.

I've done a full write up that's live over at TG Geeks, but for now, here's a hello to those I got to see, even if just briefly. Here's hoping I remember everyone (and I apologize for whoever I accidentally forgot and/or whose last names are escaping me), so shout outs to:

Joseph Gaxiola, Edward Pulley, Brian Teague, Mariann Asanuma, Antonio Malcolm, Evan Ramspott, Bob, Blanca Christian, Oliver Bernal, Henry Hertz, Eunice McGill, Scott Brown, Steve Pantazis, Peggy, Terry Smith, David Boop, Ro Mo, Frankie O'Connor, Maryelizabeth Yterralde, Seanan McGuire, Alexis Nixon, Katie Hoffman, Erica Singleton, Camilla D'errico, Robert Roach, Gary Montalbano, and Tom Sniegoski. And much love to everyone who came by for hugs and to get the bookie wookies!

Also, if you'd like to see my
Geek Geek Revolution panel, Penguin Random House was nice enough to film it for you, so check it out!

As always, I have so many things going on at TG Geeks! So, check out all my various yaps, and then all the rest of the coolness over there! Because, you name it, we ALL talk about it!

Old Classics? Newly Reviewed

Ice Station Zebra

Binging My Life Away
The Wild Wild West

McMillan & Wife

Social Saturdays
The Georgia Aquarium
Social Saturday Recap

Miscellaneous Moi
San Diego Comic-Con 2018
It's Kickstarter Time!

That's right,
UFO Press is at it again, with Unidentified Funny Objects 7! I have a standalone short in this one and, sorry, the tuckerizations sold out the first day. But there's still plenty of cool reward levels available.

So, help a great anthology from a great and reliable small press take life. You'll be glad you did, because we can always use the funny.

Oh, and the title of my story? "The Vampire's Apprentice"

You know you wanna read it... So help this Kickstarter fund so you can!
And speaking of Kickstarters, Zombies Need Brains will be going live with a new Kickstarter shortly, to fund three new anthologies: Portals, Temporal Deactivation, and Alternate Peace. So get ready, 'cause there's lots of tuckers and fun rewards to come! 

Need Things to Keep You Occupied Until Alien Education's Release Day?

We've got you covered.
From Zombies Need Brains
Out now from Zombies Need Brains! Get your copy today, featuring "The Three Assassins of Lord Slaughter" by moi writing as Anita Ensal.
Out now from Zombies Need Brains! Get your copy today, featuring "A Lawman, an Outlaw, and a Gambler Walk Into a Bar..." by moi writing as A.E. Stanton.
Featuring "Missy the Were-Pomeranian vs. the Masters of Mediocre Doom"
Featuring "Alien Epilogue", an Alien Series Short, taking place right after the events of Universal Alien

From the Independent Collection
My humor collection. Yes, really, all the stories are true...
Standalone romantic suspense with humor and alligators.
Book 1 of the Necropolis Enforcement Files series. (And HWA Atlanta Book of the Month for August 2018.)
Meet Mattie. She sees dead people. But they're cool. Mostly...
Book One of The New West series, by moi writing as A.E. Stanton
Book Two of The New West series, by moi writing as A.E. Stanton
Note for the winners of the last contest: I believe I've heard from all of you, but just in case, packages went out last week, so if you haven't received yours, let me know ASAP, please and thank you!
That's it for today but, as always, more's on the way. So, enjoy the week, stay cool where it's hot and warm where it's cool, and let's be readers out there! Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I'll catch you on the flip side!

Love, Gini

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