Monday, February 27, 2012

The Return of the Yap

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and those of you who watched the Oscars enjoyed the red carpet fashions, the jokes, and finding out which movies you haven't actually seen won what awards. Or maybe that was just me. Anyhoo, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, we have a lot going on this week, so let's get to it!

First up, the yap is running over at the Ethan Jones Blog. Check out his 10 Questions for moi. There will also be something you'll be interested in at Ethan's blog later this week, but you'll have to wait to find out what. (Hey, I live spoiler free, but NOT teaser free.)

Next, head over to CGHUB and gaze lovingly again at the artwork for Alien Diplomacy. Then, note that the AD cover is RIGHT NEXT TO the Firefly cover that Daniel Dos Santos did recently. That's RIGHT. Kitty is right next to Captain Tightpants. (Yes, these things DO make me happy, why do you ask?)

Now it's time for reviews. See what Crow Pickings and the Abilene Public Library thought of Touched by an Alien. Then check out the Alien Tango review over at Fiction State of Mind. After that, see what Frogs of War thinks of Alien in the Family and the rest of the series.

But wait, there's more. See what boeklogboek thought of Alien Proliferation. And finally, see what Genre Go Round and Alternative Worlds thought of Alien Diplomacy.

In Person Reminder: I'll be at the Tucson Festival of Books on Saturday and Sunday, March 10th and 11th. I'm on panels at 10am on both the 10th and 11th, and signing at the Mysterious Galaxy booth 255 at 3pm on the 10th. Info on this, and other appearances, is up at the Datebook.

Last, but in no way least, we have something some of you have been waiting for, some of you have been begging for, some of you have been whining for, and some of you have offered bribes for. What are these "somethings", you ask? Well, head to the Alien Collective Depot and find out...

So, until next time, have a great week, and let's be readers out there! Peace out, my li'l gangstas!


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Monday, February 20, 2012

Mixin' It Up Monday

Happy President's Day to those in the States, and happy Monday to everyone else. Some are enjoying a day off (not me or the hubs, but some...somewhere...) and some are industriously working (the hubs is,, not so much...). But, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, there's a lot going on here in Author Land, so let's get to it!

First off, let's look at what chances to win, and what, are out there. Head over to Con or Bust to bid to win an ARC of Alien Diplomacy. Proceeds go for a good cause and bidding closes this coming weekend. Plus there are lots of other cool books to bid on, so don't miss out!

Then, head over to Lynn Crain's Xtraordinary Romance to see why she thinks Kitty is a naughty girl AND get entered to win one of her steamy ebooks as well as a $25 gift certificate.

After that, check out Plot Mama's where Valentine's Day is still in the air, or at least in the quotes. And visit My 5 Monkeys for her take on the blogger/author relationship.

Next up, recommendations. Which aren't the same as reviews. But are just as nice. See why Backward Momentum recommends Alien Proliferation. Then check out all the ebooks from Musa Publishing that the staff of The Wiccan Haus recommends, including The Disciple by Jemma Chase and When Josie Comes Home by A.E. Stanton (yes, both are moi).

Now, it's time for some new reviews. The Ranting Dragon weighs in on Touched by an Alien and boeklogboek does the same for Alien in the Family. Then see what In Case of Survival thinks of When Josie Comes Home by A.E. Stanton (yes, still moi).

Is that it for today? Other than reminding everyone to do your girl a solid and pre-order Alien Diplomacy? Yes. You can do your girl another solid and start pre-ordering Alexander Outland: Space Pirate by G.J. Koch (yes, also moi) right now, from bookstores and online outlets.

NOW that's it for today. Have a great week, and let's remember to be readers out there!


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

First off, wanted to wish each and every one of you a wonderful Valentine's Day. Whether you're in a new relationship or old, or looking at today proudly as Singles Awareness Day, I just wanted you to know that, to me, my readers are da BOMB and I love you all.

Now, on to the rest of all that is going on...and it's a lot, so let's get to it!

First up, Night Shade Books is officially announcing the publication of Alexander Outland: Space Pirate, by G.J. Koch. But that's not all. There's a brand new short story from G.J. Koch (yes, aka moi) up as well. So, enjoy a Valentine's gift from Night Shade and moi to all of you!

Then, it's Alien Diplomacy time! First off, the first reviews are in! See what ALPHA Reader, and Larissa's Bookish Life have to say about April's upcoming release. Then, head over to Muddy Colors to learn about the process the awesome Daniel Dos Santos used...and just who he had collaborate with him on this particular cover.

Next, see what Long and Short Reviews thought of The Disciple by Jemma Chase (aka moi, in case you've forgotten somehow ;-D).

Last but in no way least, for those attending the Tucson Festival of Books, I've got my schedule. I'll be doing panels at 10am on Saturday, March 10 AND at 10am on Sunday, March 11. I'll be signing right after both panels, and also doing a signing in the Mysterious Galaxy booth, #255, at 3pm on Saturday, March 10. Hope to see you there, and please let me know if you'll be going! (I'll be the one in the pink, sparkly, cowgirl hat. :-D)

That's it for today. Go out and have a great one and let's remember to be readers out there!


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Monday, February 6, 2012

Processing Monday

Happy Monday! Hope you're all having a great start to the week. Congrats to Giants fans. Get 'em next year to Patriots fans. How'd you enjoy the new season start of The Voice to everyone else. But enough of television, let's get back to books and reading, shall we?

First up, head over to Ex Libris where there's a blogoversary going on and I'm today's guest blogger. Find out yet more about my so-called process and get entered for a chance to win a signed, personalized copy of Alien Tango.

Then it's time for more reviews. Check out what Dirty Lab Coat and Seeing Night Reviews thought of Alien Proliferation. And find out what A Buckeye Girl Reads thought of The Disciple, by Jemma Chase.

That's it for today! I'm off to get back to work on Alien vs. Alien and hopefully you're off to have a great rest of the day! So 'til next time, peace out, my li'l ganstas, and let's be readers out there!


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Friday, February 3, 2012

Characterizing Friday

Happy Friday! Hope everyone's had a great week. I've been busy, busy, busy doing final edits on Alexander Outland: Space Pirate and writing Alien vs. Alien, but, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, the game's afoot, so let's get y'all caught up!

That Sherlock Holmes homage wasn't by accident. Check out Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks where there's a two-part post about what makes characters great. And yes, yours truly has chimed in for today's half. Have a read and chime in yourselves!

After that, it's time for some reviews. Head on over to boeklogboek and see what she thought of Alien Tango. Then see what Mixed Book Bag thought of The Royal Scam. And then head over to see what I Smell Sheep thought of Contingency Plan by Anita Ensal.

Upcoming event reminders:
Tucson Festival of Books, March 10-11, Tucson, AZ
Jambalaya Writers' Conference & Book Fair, March 31, Houma, LA
LepreCon 38, April 6-8, Tempe, AZ
Book Monster Reviews LIVE CHAT, April 13, 6pm-8pm EDT
Desert Dreams Writers' Conference, April 27-29, Scottsdale, AZ
Phoenix Comicon, May 24-27, Phoenix, AZ
Queen Creek Writers Group, Guest Lecturer, June 12, 5pm-8pm, Queen Creek, AZ
Mysterious Galaxy Books Summer Solstice, June 20, 7pm, San Diego, CA

Last but not least, please remember that, more and more these days, pre-orders matter. Please do your girl a solid and pre-order Alien Diplomacy (and Alien vs. Alien and Alexander Outland: Space Pirate, when they become available, too).

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend, and let's be readers out there!


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