Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Friday = More Yap

Happy Friday to one and all! As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, it's a cheerful, and busy, Friday over here in Gini Land! Let's get right to it!

The Yap Runneth Again, over at 1st Turning Point, where authors teach other authors. See what I have to say about Generating the All-Important Buzz and feel free to offer up any tips yourselves.

After you check that out, race on over to The Amber Scott Project where she's got the P.P.I.F. Party (Project Pay it Forward) on the launch pad. See what's happening with the copies of "Touched by an Alien" that are heading out into the world. And, for those of you who've already joined in, please share what you've done with the copy/s you've sent out into the wild. This is such an amazing and awesome thing -- I'm thrilled with the idea itself, and beside myself that "Touched by an Alien" was chosen to be the inaugural book, so please share some Alien Collective love and all your various stories!

But wait, there's more. The polls are still open on the official Badge of Honor for the Alien Collective and we need all your votes coming in! Option 2 is only slightly ahead of Option 3 this morning, so if you love one more than the other (or just like one more than the other), please cast your vote ASAP. Do it on the Blah, Blah, Blah Blog, on my Facebook Fan Page (Hairspray and Rock 'n' Roll), or by sending me an e-mail ( Because we're in a dead heat, polls will likely stay open throughout the weekend, but the sooner you vote and we have a clear winner, the sooner I can announce the NEXT cool stuff coming down the pike. So, see? There's some incentive for you!

Haven't checked out the latest reviews? Well, what are you waiting for? Give Hanging with Bells some Alien Collective love (and, you know, while you're there, she puts up some LOVELY shots of hunks on a very regular basis...just saying'...), and give the DAW Books Discussion on "Touched by an Alien" some love and support.

And that's not all! Check out the Bookstore for an awesome quote about "Touched by an Alien" from my new most favorite bookseller. Then, after refreshing your pages (trust me, if you can't see what I'm saying, refreshing is your friend), check out the two NEW pages -- Accolades and Free Stuff. Not much there yet, you say? Well, just wait...we're going to be busy at Team Gini, and those pages are going to be filled with stuff, and that soon!

Not on Hook Me Up! yet? You just don't want to have a shot at exclusive contests, offers, and info? Well, for those who DO, just send an email to with "Hook Me Up!" in the subject line and you'll be all set. And you want to do it soon...'cause the Hook Me Up! only contest is just around the corner.

There's more, so much more, but I'm going to make you wait until next week for it, just 'cause I can.


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Good Stuff

Well, today brings some new “stuff”. I was so excited about the fact that we had Alien Collective Logos to vote on, that I forgot to share some exciting news. For the week ending 4/18/10, “Touched by an Alien” was #44 on the Barnes & Noble Bestsellers List! That’s 5 slots up from where it had been the week prior! Whoo hoo! I’m so excited and it’s all because of all of you! *Virtually hugs the Collective tight*

In addition to this, there’s another nice review up at Hanging With Bells blog, so head on over and give the review some Alien Collective love. There are also some more great reviews for “Touched by an Alien” up on, and Barnes &

But wait, there’s more? Indeed there is. Keep your eyes peeled for a LOT on Friday -- I know, it’s the end of the week, but it’ll be hopping in Gini Land. But before then, The Galaxy Express is helping Jess Granger launch her book, “Beyond the Shadows” with a cool cyber release party -- and a copy of “Touched by an Alien” is one of the prizes! Head on over and check it out!

It’s a never-ending cornucopia of exciting things going on here, so stay tuned…more IS to come!


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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Want Vote!

As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, we have something requiring your participation. That's right, The Alien Collective is getting a badge of honor, and you all get to vote on which of the three (I must say AWESOME) options we go with. I love them all, so vote for what you want to see as the badge you can put on your blog and/or website, what'll come on bookplates, etc. (Smoochies to Lisa Dovichi for, as always, coming up with the cool designs.)

Here are your three options:I'm taking votes via email ( or right here on the blog, so make sure you vote early -- if you don't vote, you can't complain if your choice loses or crow if your choice wins, after all. Voting will stay open through the weekend, and I'll announce the winning design shortly thereafter.

There's also another new pic up on Sightings in the Wild. Note that this one's really and truly IN the wild. Remember to keep those pics coming. Wherever you spy "Touched by an Alien" -- be it in the bookstore, on your own bookshelf, in your hot little hands, etc. -- snap a shot, send it on, see it immortalized. (Well, so to speak.)

And, if you haven't stopped by to see what my plans for how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse are, you need to do so now! Head on over to The Debut Author's Blog and show it some Alien Collective love!

Not on Hook Me Up! yet? Well, you want to be. There are contests and giveaways coming up that will be for Hook Me Up! subscribers only. So, send an email to with "Hook Me Up!" in the subject line, and you'll be all set to get your mitts on the cool goodies coming down!

There's a lot more on the way, so watch this space!


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Monday, April 26, 2010

Did Somebody Say Zombies?

Happy Monday all! As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, in an interesting start to the week, I was asked to give an interview to The Debut Author's Blog. And not just any interview. No, the blog owner was clearly channeling our own Sullivan McPig, because my interview revolved around a Zombie Apocalypse. (Yes, you read that right.) Being always up for anything, I gave truthful answers. So head on over and have a read and give the blog some Alien Collective love. Yes, you are all allowed to say, "Braaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnns" somewhere in your posts.

Also, there's a new pic up at Sightings in the Wild. Remember to send in your pics of wherever you see "Touched by an Alien", be it on the bookshelves, your own shelves, in your hot little hands, or wherever, to so they can go up on the Great Book Wall.

Amber Scott had another awesome idea she shared on Facebook -- creating a special Alien Collective logo for all of the Alien Collective to 'wear' proudly on their website, blogs, FB pages and so on. I'm all over it, and because you ARE the Alien Collective, watch the blog this week, because you're going to have the opportunity to vote on which logo option YOU want to be the Official Badge of the Alien Collective!


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Friday, April 23, 2010

Paying Aliens Forward

As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, I mentioned yesterday that Amber Scott said she had something up her sleeve. Well, she did and does, and all I can say is: WOW. It's out there now on her website. Race on over to The Amber Scott Project, see what she's got going for "Touched by an Alien", give the blog some love, and sound off on the idea. (Which, considering what it is, I feel is beyond amazing.)

Also, remember that the DAW Books Discussion of "Touched by an Alien" is still going on. If you haven't visited Michelle's Book Blog yet to give her review of "Touched by an Alien" some love, stop on by! And Tempting Persephone's awesome review is still live and kicking so visit with Alien Collective love if you haven't yet.

BTW, if you're on Twitter or Facebook and aren't following me yet, um, why not? Find GiniKoch (no space between first and last name) on Twitter, and find me on FB via Also, if you're on FB but not following my fan page (Hairspray, and Rock 'n' Roll), then you should do so immediately. Just 'cause I do say different things over there than here. Sometimes. You never know when the mood will strike me. And you wouldn't want to miss that, would you?

More to come, I'm sure. And, yes, you're right, I HAVE blogged every day this week. Exciting, innit?


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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Reviews Kept A'Comin' All Night Long

As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, another day, another super cool review of "Touched by an Alien"! Head on over to Michelle's Book Blog, check out her review, and show her blog some Alien Collective love.

There's also a DAW Book Discussion of "Touched by an Alien" over on Live Journal.

Remember to check out Tempting Persephone's awesome review, too, if you haven't been over there yet. And, you may want to check out Amber Scott's latest blog...not only is she a proud winner of a Fight the Fuglies Kit, complete with Limited Edition Gini Bag (congrats, Amber!), but she's insinuating she's got something up her sleeve for Friday, so check it out. Give Alien Collective love to the Alien Collective, that's my motto! Well, one of my mottos, anyway.

Feeling a little Gini Bag envy, for yourself or a special someone? Well don't fret...the next contest is coming soon, and it's for Hook Me Up! subscribers ONLY (and it will not matter where in the whole wide world you are, either). So if you're not on Hook Me Up! yet, it's time to join the official list of the Alien Collective. Send an email to with Hook Me Up! in the subject line and there you are, in and all set for all the exclusive stuff that's coming up! Such a deal, how can you resist?


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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whole Lotta Informin' Going On!

As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, there's more going on at Team Gini Central. First off, there's a new question, and, therefore, a new answer, in the Ask Gini! section of the Extra Me! page.

There's also a new Playlist up (I know, don't faint -- the soundtrack doesn't stop, but I sometimes forget to let y'all know I've changed the channel), and for those of you who may have missed it, the Cool Links page has been revised, improved, and added to. And, as I'm sure you've noticed, the Blog Roll on Blah, Blah, Blah... keeps expanding 'cause, well, there's a lot of cool blogs out there.

I know I promised a Desert Dreams Conference update, and you shall finally have it.

It was awesome.

Okay, okay, I'll toss out some details. It's always a great conference -- lots of great authors and aspiring authors, great speakers, lots of learning, networking and fun. I got to hang with several members of the Alien Collective, even though I didn't get to hang with them as much as I'd thought I would, because we were all so busy racing around being individually awesome. (It's a tough job, being as awesome as we all are, I know, but that's just the cross the Alien Collective has to bear. You all do it so well, though, that you make it look easy.) I didn't get a full count, but it seemed like we had between 200-250 people there.

Got to moderate informative and fun sessions for Tina Gerow, Jennifer Ashley, and Deborah LeBlanc and learn a lot in the process. Got to sign books sitting between Deborah and Kathryne Kennedy. Since Deborah and I know each other, but get to see each other like once every two years, we might have been a tad raucous. But the rumors are totally untrue and unfounded and not based in any kind of fact at all! Got to have dinner with Eileen Rendahl who is even cooler and more fun in person than you already expect from her books. Had Cat Brown ASK if she could have Romance Junkies review "Touched by an Alien", even before we realized we're both total NCIS nerds. Got to hang at the bar with Erin Quinn and Calista Fox. Again, the rumors are SO not true! Well, okay, maybe a little true.

Hmmm, this sounds like all I did was party. Well, I was also left in charge of a large sum of money, which somehow only struck a few of us as potentially dangerous. It struck ME as foolhardy, but the folks in charge seemed to think the money was safe and secure in my paws. Amazing, really. All's well that ends well and all that -- Erin came to her senses and took the cash before I could get into trouble with it. And no, we were NOT spending it in the bar! That was different cash.

But enough about that! As I said earlier, I had my first book signing, which was both totally beyond awesome and very successful. Many thanks and much love to the non-conference-attending Alien Collective folks who showed up, "Touched by an Alien" in hand, for the signing, as well as to all those who bought the book from me and will hopefully be joining the rest of us in the Collective. And...drum roll, please...Diana Gabaldon bought my book! Many thanks to Little Bit, the youngest member of the Collective, for her awesome and precocious salesgirlship in the brokering of that deal.

I'm sure there's more, there always is. But that's going to have to do for now. I mean, I have to save SOMEthing for tomorrow.


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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Awesome Review...PLUS

As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, there's another great review out there for "Touched by an Alien"! Head on over to Tempting Persephone and read what one of our newest members of the Alien Collective has to say! And, you know, giver her blog some love while you're there.

Also, if you haven't stopped by to check out my interview at Pearls Cast Before a McPig, well, get yourself over there pronto, and remember to give some love to the blog there, as well!

Now for the Plus part -- according to Penguin, and they would know, "Touched by an Alien" is #49 on the Barnes & Nobles Bestsellers List for the week ending 4/11/10. Whoo DOUBLE hoo! Head there if you want to see for yourselves ( -- as a warning, you have to scroll way down to find it, 'cause this is a long list from Penguin.

I'm so excited, I'm bouncing in my seat! Yeah, okay, that happens frequently, sometimes just because, but you have to admit, with an awesome review, a fun interview, and the knowledge that "Touched by an Alien" is on a bestsellers list, it's a total reason to bounce and squeal, right? Of course right!


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Monday, April 19, 2010

An In-Depth Look at Moi

Happy Monday to all! As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, it's a cheerful start to the week over here. As promised, there's a great, in-depth interview with yours truly up at "Pearls Cast Before a McPig" . Learn more about my "process", to use the term loosely, and also get more insight into "Touched by an Alien". Head on over and give one of our own some serious Alien Collective love!

And how was the conference, you ask? Well...I'll fill you all in on it later this week! (Hey, have to have something to talk about tomorrow, right?)

BTW, there's some exclusive info in the interview (about "Alien Tango") and in the comments (about something else), so don't delay, go have a read!


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Friday, April 16, 2010

Guess What?

As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, more reviews for "Touched by an Alien" are in! Take a look at what "That's QUEEN Bitch To You" and Jacqueline Lichtenberg from "Alien Romances" have to say. The last one is a longer post, but well worth reading (or you can just skim on down to the TBAA cover and go from there).

And, watch this space, and "Pearls Cast Before a McPig", because there will be an interview up there on Monday. (Three guesses who with, and the first two don't count.)

So, head over and give all these places some Alien Collective love!

I'll be at the Desert Dreams conference this weekend, and for those of you in the Greater Phoenix Metro Area (Summer in April!) I'll be a part of the mass book signing at the Chaparral Suites in Scottsdale, AZ on Saturday, April 17th, from 5:45-7:00p.m. Hope to see you there!


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More, More, More (How D'Ya Like It?)

Despite the headline, we're not heading into Disco Fever, but rather Alien Fever! As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, there's a lot more going on, both here and there.

First up, there's new questions up on the Ask Gini section of Extra Me! Head over to find out even more about me than you might possibly already know. Have a question you want answered? Send it to and you could see it and the answer up there soon.

Next on our hit parade is a new page here at Gini Central -- Sightings in the Wild. Since it's been taking me forever to actually see a copy of "Touched by an Alien" on an actual bookstore bookshelf, many fans and friends have started taking pity on me and sending pics they've taken of the book. I figure, why not continue a good thing? Take a look at whose pics are immortalized on the Book Wall, and then, hey, go take a pic of your own! Send it to and we'll get it up there, for all the world to see and marvel at. So far, everyone's taken better pics than I'm personally capable of, so see how your skills stack up!

Moving on to more coolness, there is another awesome reader review for TBAA up at ALPHA Reader. Check it out and show our newest member of the Alien Collective some love!

Finally, a reminder for all in or near the Greater Phoenix Metro Area (lovely in the winter and not nearly as hot as the deepest depths of Hell in the summertime! Paid for by the 'Boost Phoenix City Council Summer Committee') -- this coming weekend, I'll be signing "Touched by an Alien" for all comers on Saturday, April 17th, from 5:45-7:00pm, at the Chaparral Suites in Scottsdale. Info is on Datebook as well, and also somewhere on my Facebook Fan Page. Not on that yet? Friend me on Facebook and look for Hairspray and Rock 'n Roll...and join that particular party, too!

Not on Hook Me Up! yet? I wonder about you, but it's not too late to join. Just send an email to with Hook Me Up! in the subject line and there you are, all signed up. What could be simpler? That's right, nothing!

There's more to come, so stay tuned!


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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Look! My book's being blogged again!

As my Hook Me Up! readers already know, and like I told you yesterday, there's more going on in my World Blogosphere Domination Tour (working title).

Lovely author Kathryne Kennedy is promoting "Touched by an Alien" at her blog today ( Please head over and show her some love!

Also, the comments and contest are still open at The Galaxy Express. If you haven't dropped by to read my fab interview and make a comment, and so be in the running for the prize, do it today!

Same with The Other Side of the Story. Oh, sure, I'm in more of a teaching-ish mode there, but it's still a good column (spoken modestly *snort*), so have a read and leave a comment.

Last but in no way least, Amber Scott ( is still proudly touting "Touched by an Alien" on her site. She's a great supporter, so go show her and her blog some love!

That's it...for now. I know more's coming, so stay tuned! And get your copies of "Touched by an Alien" (if you don't have them yet) and tell all your nearest and dearest, and even your not-so-near and not-all-that-dear to get it, too!


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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Book Release, Interviews and More, Oh My!

As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, the big day is finally here -- "Touched by an Alien" officially releases today. Now all of you who actually got copies before the release date can stop feeling illicit and lording it over everyone else.

In honor of the momentous occasion, I'm all over the 'net even more than usual today.

First up, head on over to The Galaxy Express and check out my super cool interview. There is a prize being given away, so be sure to comment on the blog so you can be in the running for it. The site is wicked awesome, so spend some time looking it over.

Then, bounce off to The Other Side of the Story where I get the cool task of inaugurating a column with: How I Write. No prize there, but you'll learn more about "my process" (which, truly, is more than: sit at computer, turn on Aerosmith, open document, type...though that's a very good and effective process for me...), so give some blog comment love anyway.

Amber Scott's giving me some love, too. So head over and give her an atta girl!

Let me know if you come across any other site giving up the love for "Touched by an Alien" so I can make sure everyone who supports the alien invasion gets some love!

Then, (note the self-restraint...this is LAST...) if you haven't already gotten your copy of "Touched by an Alien" early, or it hasn't shown up in your mailbox, or you don't have a notice telling you it's on the way...head on over to your local bookstore and get a copy. Oh, and feel free to pre-order "Alien Tango" while you're there. (Yes...the pre-order Alien Tango drumbeat really and truly DOES start now. Don't worry...December 7th will be here before you know it...)

More coming so very, very soon...


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Monday, April 5, 2010

Contest Winner Announced!

As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, info about my first contest winner is up on the Win Stuff page. Head on over, see who was both right and lucky, and check out what 'extra' prize the winner's scoring in addition to an autographed Erin Quinn (writing as Erin Grady) book!

Then keep your eyes on the Blah, Blah, Blah blog for more, more, more that's coming this week.

Oh, yeah, by the way..."Touched by an Alien" officially releases tomorrow, and will be in bookstores near you! Just thought you might want to know...


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Friday, April 2, 2010

Yet Another Interview, With a Prize Attached!

As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, it's a very good Friday for me, because I'm running the yap again, this time over at Erin Quinn's blog. Head over and see what Erin and I are talking about, and feel free to comment and ask questions! And you'll WANT to comment because Erin's offering a $10 Amazon gift certificate to one lucky winner who comments about aliens on the blog. My readers should be experts, so head over and try to win!

Speaking of winning, as you all know, one of Erin's books will be going to my grand prize winner, along with a special treat from me. The contest is closed now for everyone but those on Hook Me Up! Contest winner will be announced on Monday, April 5, right here on the Blah, Blah, Blah blog and the Win Stuff page.

Oh, and in case you've somehow forgotten, "Touched by an Alien" officially releases on Tuesday, April 6th. So if you don't have your copies yet, you will soon!


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