Thursday, April 28, 2011

Whole Lotta Everything Goin' On!

Happy Thursday! Hope everyone's having a wonderful week. We have a lot going on, though not quite as much as we had on Sunday (but close, very close), so let's get to it!

First off, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, the yap is running again today, and the main subject sort of became the Poofs. For those of you who've somehow not yet read "Alien in the Family", well, it won't spoil it for you. So, check out the interview with moi over at Ex Libris and also get entered to win a copy of any one of the three books in the series so far!

After checking out the yap, check out what Nancy McGregor's Big Bad Blog and Dirty, Sexy Books have to say about "Alien Tango".

Then check out the DAW Books Community discussion starter about "Alien in the Family". After that, check out the latest Vlogs from Parajunkee's View and Ramblings From a Chaotic Mind.

More website updates including Sightings in the Wild, Accolades, and Extra Me!.

The KLB Virtual Events "Alien in the Family" Virtual Book Journey starts Sunday, May 1st and runs through Tuesday, May 10th. Check out all the awesome blogs that are going to be a part of it!

Lots and lots of in-person stuff is coming up, too. For those of you in the Greater Phoenix Metro Area in particular, or for those planning to be here, there's lots of chances to see the me coming up in the next couple of months.

May 6-8
LepreCon 37
Tempe Mission Palms, Tempe, AZ

May 21
Book Signing, with Erin Quinn
Barnes & Noble, Dana Park
1758 South Val Vista Drive, Mesa, AZ 85204

May 26-29
Phoenix ComicCon 2011
Hyatt Regency/Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ

June 4
Arizona Dreamin' Reader Event
Hotel Tempe, Tempe, AZ
With VERY Special Guest Cover Model Jimmy Thomas

That's it for today -- should tide you over until Sunday at least, right? Have a wonderful, fun, safe and happy weekend, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Roundup

Happy Easter! Hope all who celebrate have and had a wonderful Easter Sunday, and that those who don't had a lovely weekend. It's been a long while with radio silence, but I'm home and back in action. So to speak.

As my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, there's a LOT to catch up on, however, so we're gonna roll right into it. Get ready to click some links, 'cause boy, do we have a lot of eggs in this here basket!

But first, and the main reason I couldn't wait to send this out to you -- I checked when I got home and *drum roll, please* "Alien in the Family" hit the Barnes & Noble bestseller list, at #43, in its first week of release! *Let the happy dancing begin!* Thanks to all of YOU who made that happen!

Now, for the links. First off, let's check out the Yap and where it's been running, shall we? Hit DAW Books Community and check out the next Dueling Authors interview with moi and the ever-awesome Joshua Palmatier. Then head to 1st Turning Point for my latest rant, ah, OpEd piece. Missed the Yap Running Live over at Bookish Escapism? Fret not. The recording is up at Literary Escapism so have a listen! Yes, I do drop, if not spoilers, a variety of hints of things to come.

Now for the reviews. Lots of great new reviews have come in! Check out what Ramblings From a Chaotic Mind, Nancy McGregor's Big Bad Blog, and Cookies, Books and Bikes thought of "Touched by an Alien".

Then, check out what Ramblings From a Chaotic Mind has to say about "Alien Tango".

Last, but in no way least, go see what Tempting Persephone, The Bookaholic Cat, and Monsters and Critics have to say about "Alien in the Family".

Lots more coming, including my NYC roundup and related Hook Me Up! exclusive contest (because I went somewhere, so you knew there was gonna be a contest coming), but that's more than enough for now. For now, I need to go eat some ears off a chocolate bunny.


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Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Happy Monday!

Well, I'm still back on the east coast, but, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, that doesn't mean things are quiet on our Alien front. There is, as always, much going on!

First off, did you miss the signing in NYC last Saturday? Fear not -- RT Book Reviews was on the scene. Check out the interview/book signing article from the lovely and personable Morgan Doremus! Don't forget to leave a comment (so RTBR knows the Alien Collective is aware, alert, and on the case). And check out the pic of some of the Alien Collective members in attendance at the event!

Next, head over to and check out their review of "Alien in the Family". (Leave a comment -- they get picked up on ALL the news feeds...see your name and thoughts in print all over the globe! ;-D)

Want to hear the melodious tones of my voice? Want to ask me questions I might possibly answer? Want to hear how jetlagged I am and/or place bets on how loopy I sound or what strange answers I give? Then be sure to catch me on live chat sponsored by Literary Escapism and Larissa's Bookish Life THIS Friday, April 22nd, at 9PM Eastern time. Call Info -- Call-in Number: 724.444.7444; Call ID: 93065

A short and sweet review of "Alien in the Family", as well as other reviews in brief, is over at Library

Many pages on the website have been updated, at least, so Team Gini assures me. I haven't had time to actually look, but I trust them. (And as I think of it, hope they haven't added something really strange somewhere, like pictures of me when I first get out of bed or something. Nah, I'm sure I'm safe...)

Smackdowns are still going on. If you haven't voted yet, I need YOU to rectify immediately! "Alien Tango" needs your support over at Bitten By Books and my general awesomeness needs some serious support over at I Smell Sheep. No anonymous comments please -- said votes are NOT counting! (The horror...the horror...)

Speaking of things still going on, the Mark of the Stars Blogoversary is still going strong, which means there are still ways, and much cool stuff, you can win. Check out my interview & swag giveaway where you just need to leave a comment to be entered. Then to get a chance to win a three-book set + swag and another swag giveaway (Prizes #1 & #6) of mine, let alone many more prizes, head to the Blogoversary Prizes listing where you must fill out the form to be entered -- but check out all you can win! There's 30 days' worth of prizes, so, seriously, get over there and get entered to win!

Is there more? Yes, but the likelihood that I can tell you about it before Friday (if even then) is slim. I do head home on Thursday, so we're probably back to full radio silence until then, you know, barring Twitter (I'm not an addict...I can quit Twitter any time I like...I just don't choose to like right now...) and some Facebook (see, I do less FB...that means I'm not addicted to it less...or something like that...).

So, until next time, check out all the latest cool, read "Alien in the Family", pre-order "Alien Proliferation", keep it real, and get down with your bad selves. Peace out, li'l gangstas!


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Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Happy Friday! Having a great time in and around New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia -- wish you were here! (Waves madly to Rich, Stacey, Michele, Marnie, Katie, & Gerrie, who all know why.) No, really, I do. But before I tell you what my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, ergo, the latest reason why I wish you were all here, let's get to what else is going on.

First off, we have some great new reviews. Head over to The Book Pushers and check out their joint review of "Alien in the Family". Then hit For the Love of Books and check out a new review of "Touched by an Alien".

Now, for the smackdowns. There are two going on, and I need your votes for both! Head over to Bitten By Books and vote to defend "Alien Tango" against the competition. Then hit I Smell Sheep and vote for me in their Boogity Boo Awards, which will ultimately give a sheep to a needy family. (Trust me, I am really eating others' dust in this one, and need the votes.)

Amber Scott questions a current hit song...and its inspiration. Was it a certain series featuring some really amazing aliens? Inquiring minds want to know... In fact, The Book Addict seems sure. Check out what she has to say on this rockin' topic!

Check out some cool new releases over at Absorbed in a Book. Then check out the preliminary cover sketch for "Alien Proliferation".

Wait. That's right. You can't. Unless you happen to be coming to my book signing on Saturday, April 16th. I'll have it with me and the ONLY way you'll ever see it is if I'm physically showing it to you. (We don't share Dan's prelims anywhere.) (Unless I happen to be at DAW Books and wheedle a copy out of them.) (Which I was and did.)
So, want to get that sneak peek along with the chance to hang out with moi and other cool members of the Alien Collective? Then head to Grand Central Station on Saturday!

Book Signing/Meet & Greet
Posman Books
Grand Central Terminal
9 Grand Central Terminal
New York, NY 10017
Phone: 212.983.1111
Fax: 212.983.1849
Saturday, April 16, from 4:30-6:00pm

Happy blog hopping, enjoy the reading, vote in the contests, get your copies of "Alien in the Family" if you haven't already, pre-order "Alien Proliferation", rock out, and just generally get down with your own bad selves. You know, like always!


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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Come See the Me

Final plans for all the cool happenings in New York City on Saturday, April 16th, are now, um, final.

3:45 pm - meeting up with whoever wants pre-signing time/meet and greet at the Main Information Desk in Grand Central Station

4:30 to 6:00 pm - book signing at Posman Books

Posman Books

Grand Central Terminal
9 Grand Central Terminal
New York, NY 10017
Phone: 212.983.1111
Fax: 212.983.1849

7:00 to whenever - dinner at Monster Sushi (they have a full Japanese menu for those who don't do the raw fish experience)

Monster Sushi
22 West 46th Street
bet. 5th & 6th Ave.

Hitting town earlier than 3:45? Send me an email ( and I'll direct you to wherever we are (likely somewhere in Grand Central, but who can be sure, I mean, it's NEW YORK CITY! :-D I might be in FAO Schwartz. You never can tell.) so you can join your brethren and sistren of the Alien Collective and hang out en masse. Or something like that.

Can't wait to see all of you who are able to make it, and bummed about missing those of you who can't.


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Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Fun

Happy Monday!

I know, I know, I said we'd be on radio silence, and we mostly are, but, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, there's some cool stuff out there, and I couldn't wait to share.

Head over to That Bookish Girl and check out her review of "Alien in the Family". Then hit The Book Addict for her take on "Alien in the Family". THEN head over to Seeing Night for yet one more "Alien in the Family" review.

Next, hit Ex Libris to see what she's reading. Last, but not least, "Alien in the Family" cover art is being featured at Comic Art Fans.

Reminder for those in the Greater New York City Area: Book signing and general get-together-ness happening on Saturday, April 16th.
Posman Books 4:30-6:00pm
Grand Central Terminal
9 Grand Central Terminal
New York, NY 10017
Phone: 212.983.1111
Fax: 212.983.1849

Be there or be a blocky object and subject to mass derision and crushing disappointment.

More info on the event will be coming. If you're in the area, planning to attend, and haven't shared this intent with me yet, please drop me an email or send a tweet so I can be sure to keep you in the Before and After the Signing Loop!

More later, if at all possible. If not, well, there's always that copy of "Alien in the Family" to be gotten and read, right? Of course right!


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Friday, April 8, 2011

Heading to the Great White Way

Happy Weekend! Well, it's no secret, I head out tomorrow for the east coast. Meaning we'll be on radio silence except for the occasional post. And, of course, Twitter.

If you're in the NY/NJ/PA area, please let me know, and don't miss my signing and get together!

Saturday, April 16th
Posman Books
Grand Central Terminal
9 Grand Central Terminal
New York, NY 10017
Phone: 212.983.1111

We're still trying to set up a before and after get together, so if you're local or going to be local for that day, stay tuned!

Otherwise, the website has received its latest makeup change -- check it out! Lots of updates all over the place, too.

Last but not least, there's a competition going over at Bitten By Books and "Alien Tango" is in the running. But it needs champions! Only one of the Alien Collective has thrown into the ring to support it. More are needed if "Alien Tango" is to have a hope of making it to the next round, let alone win it all. You up for it? Don't let Kitty, Martini, Alpha and Airborne Teams, and, especially, Alliflash and Gigantagator down!

Looking very forward to seeing some of you next week and will miss the rest of you while I'm gone! So, until I'm back home in Sunny Arizona, have great days, enjoy "Alien in the Family", and get down with your bad selves. Peace out, li'l gangstas!


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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Hump Day

Made you look.

Happy Hump Day! Lots going on in release week for "Alien in the Family" and, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, today is no exception!

First up, Absorbed in a Book has both a review and a giveaway of "Alien in the Family". Head over, leave a comment to win!

Then, the yap is running over at The Other Side of the Story, sharing how you can discover your writer's voice.

Lots of new release listings today. Check out Literary Escapism, Lytherus, Transreal Fiction, and Book Soulmates for some great roundups.

Then check out The Bookstore Beat at Heroes and Heartbreakers for interesting and in-depth thoughts on the some new releases and why the public buys them.

There's still time to get entered to win over at Bitten By Books and The Book Pushers. Books, and lots of them, are on the line, so don't miss out!

That's it for today! Have fun, check 'em out, enjoy "Alien in the Family" if you have it already, go get it if you don't, and I'll catch you on the flip side!


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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's HEEEERE! Release Day and Par-Tay!

Well, as literally none of you could have missed, "Alien in the Family" releases TODAY!

As mentioned yesterday, there's a big release party, complete with an official invitation to the Royal Wedding and lots of cool things to win over at Bitten By Books. There's also a review of "Alien in the Family" at BBB, too.

So, head over, enjoy the festivities, leave your R.S.V.P.s in the comments, ask questions, and get your copies of "Alien in the Family"! Happy reading!


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Monday, April 4, 2011

Alien in the Monday

Happy Monday!

Well, this is a big week, and, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, it's starting off in a BIG way! Lots of cool and fun to get to, so let's roll!

First off, the yap is large and in charge, yapping about A-C life and other tidbits, over at The Book Pushers. There's also a giveaway of one of any, that's right, ANY book in the series -- "Touched by an Alien", "Alien Tango", or "Alien in the Family".

Next, check out My 5 Monkeys, where not only is there a review of "Alien in the Family", but also a chance to win "Alien in the Family".

Speaking of reviews, we have a flurry of great new ones for "Alien in the Family". Head over to Book Lovers, Inc., Hanging with Bells, and A Buckeye Girl Reads to get their takes on Book 3. Remember that A Buckeye Girl Reads is also giving away a copy of either "Touched by an Alien" or "Alien Tango" connected to her interview with Kitty and Chuckie.

Then, head over to The Galaxy Express for a good in-depth roundup of this month's SFR releases, and hit Literary Escapism for a listing of more coming in April.

That's it for today, but there's a lot coming, including a big release party at Bitten By Books for "Alien in the Family" that includes some awesome giveaways...tomorrow! RSVP now to get extra chances to win!

So, stay tuned, li'l gangstas, and I'll see you at the same Alien Bat Time, Same Alien Bat Channel!


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Friday, April 1, 2011

Yappin' for the Weekend

Happy Friday!

Yes, as my Hook Me Up! subscribers already know, you read that right. MORE yap today. I know! It's too happy to be true! But would I lie to you, babies?

As you know, I would not. Head over to Mark of the Stars and check out my latest interview that's inaugurating her 1 year blogoversary. There are prizes to be won if you leave a comment, but there are even more prizes to be won all month, including more Alien Collective swag, so don't miss out! Once you've read and entered to win, jump to Dirty Sexy Books to see what she's anticipating in April.

That's it for today, but don't despair. There's a lot more coming next week...including the release of "Alien in the Family". So have a great one, and I'll catch you on the flip side!

Love, Gini

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