Monday, February 16, 2009

Agent Interview on Spotlight!

As my Hook Me Up! readers already know, I'm starting a new feature -- Spotlight.

I ask questions of movers and shakers in the publishing industry, they answer them, and I post the info for you to learn from and enjoy. Short, sweet and simple.

So, click on the microphone on the nav bar, and head on over. My first interview is with an agent who knows her stuff and knows how to get her authors published -- Cherry Weiner.

Enjoy, and if you have additional questions for Cherry or our other featured interviewees, send me an email ( and I'll do my best to get you questions answered.


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Monday, February 2, 2009

Bling, Bling!

I had lunch with one of my BFFs today.

You know how you can tell when one of your friends is a BFF, not merely a GF?

Well, among the ways --

She tells you that she misses you and manages to drag your butt out of the house where it lives most days. And then marvels with you at what that sun and air stuff is while you both laugh at the idea that neither one of you have been out in the middle of the day for, like, AGES.

She listens to your tales of both woe and excitement and has the right things to say every time. Including, "I can't wait to hold your book in my hands!" (We authors are really easy that way.)

She remembers your birthday and brings you a gift. *sniff*

Yeah, you got that right. I GOT ME SOME NEW BLING!!! Courtesy of one of my BFFs. She ALSO bought my lunch. And when another one of our BFFs showed up -- in that totally Kismet way when none of you actually knew you were in the area but all congregated at the same place -- she bought her lunch, too.

So, I got a fun little late semi-impromptu birthday party with fun friends. And BLING!

I'm a simple creature, really. With awesome BFFs.


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