Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Ain't Ded 2015

Happy New Year Hump Day!

Yes, yes, I's been the new year for, um, well over half a month now. But I was terrifyingly behind on Alien Separation and, let's face it -- when it comes down to the choice of you hear from me or I get the book done, I kind of know where everyone votes.

BUT the book is in, and I'm feverishly working on other things, but there has been and is JUST SO MUCH going on that I have to catch everyone up. Before, you know, you don't hear from me for another week. Or so.

First up, a reminder for San Diego peeps that I'll be signing Universal Alien with awesome author Erin Quinn at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore on Thursday, Jan. 22nd, at 7:30pm. The bookstore ran out of copies of Universal Alien when I was there in December, so if you're one of the ones who missed out, come on by again and get a signed copy!

Then, the next day, Erin and I and a host of other authors, editors, and agents will be at the San Diego State University Writer's Conference, Jan. 23-25th. It's a great conference and it's not too late for you to race over and attend. If you're attending, I'll see you there! I'm doing 3 workshops with awesome author Marsheila Rockwell -- Finding Your Voice, Short Story and Novella Writing, and World Building in SF/F/H -- and a panel with my awesome editor about how to keep a long-running series fresh, so if you're attending, definitely come and see the me!

Speaking of Universal Alien, DAW Books Reviews has it featured, so join in the discussion over there!

Speaking of yapping, check out my guest post over at the Southern Writers Magazine blog, "Kill Your Darlings".

Next up, see what Booked and Loaded thought of the audio version of Touched by an Alien. Then see what Zwartraafje thought of Alien Research. (Yes, this is in Dutch. And yes, Google Translate remains your friend.)

Then see what 25 series, including mine, Shadowhawk's Shade wants to read in 2015. There are some great ideas if you're looking for more, more, more to read.

Next, see what books and anthologies The Arched Doorway said were the best of 2014. And see which books Larissa's Bookish Life chose as her favorites of 2014.

And check out who Larissa's Bookish Life chose as her favorite heroines!

Now, see what Mass Movement thought of Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets. Then check out all the short stories and novellas Tangent Online says are must-reads, which includes most of the stories in Unidentified Funny Objects 3, including mine, "Live at the Scene"!

Next up, see what awesome author Alan Black thought of Alexander Outland: Space Pirate, by G.J. Koch, aka moi.

And now let's have a slice...a Slice of SciFi, that is. There's lots going on over at Slice, and it's never too late to join the discussions. So, see what the collective Slice reviewers chose as 2014's Best of Television, Best of Movies, and Best of Games, Books, and More.

Then, while still over at Slice, see my review for "Into the Woods". Then check out my 5 Episodes In reviews for Elementary Season 3 and The Librarians.

And now for some science! Check out the largest picture ever taken, of the Andromeda galaxy, thanks to NASA over at Scoop Whoop. It's totally amazing. Then check out 24 Things That Will Make You Re-Consider Your Entire Existence over at BuzzFeed. Then finish up over at Yahoo News where they share that some scientists think we'll find signs of aliens within our lifetimes. (I know...we know they're already here. Look at that picture right above this -- I promise you there's at least one troubadour in that picture...your job? Figure out who it is.)

Amazingly enough, that's it for today. And the last few weeks. And the rest of this week, since I'll be in San Diego. But, as always, whether it's the next day or the next week, more's on the way. So, enjoy the downward slide towards the weekend and let's be happy new year readers out there. Peace out, my li'l gangstas, and I catch you on the flip side!


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